Monday, 19 December 2016

The Tuesday Girls Christmas Party and The No Fuss "Bah Humbug" Swap

Ok, so The Tuesday Girls are known for their celebrations and outings, and if you think we were going to let the fact that we have already been to Christmas parties and other celebrations this December, that we would not bother having our own party - well you would be totally wrong.
We did have a party but unfortunately one of the girls, at the last moment, was unable to attend.
Nor did have a good reason so we will let it pass this time, but next time Nor, there will be no excuses accepted..
We did the Bon Bon exchange again this year.. it is always soooo much fun listening to the girls relay how much trouble they had stuffing their Bon Bons..  These stories alone are why we still do the Bon Bon swap every year.. 
 My Bon Bon (lucky dip) was from Miss Helen.  We had to stuff into our Bon Bons five chosen items - 1..a fat eight,  2.. an ornament,  3..50cm ribbon or lace,  4..a button and 5..a treat..
I had no trouble at all stuffing my bon bon, I don't know what the problem was.. hehehehe
We then decided to open our 'Bah Humbug Swaps".  Cheryl from sent to me.  My parcel was wrapped in gorgeous red Christmas fabric, and inside revealed a very pretty mug, mug rug and, of course, treats...  Thank you Cheryl, I have already used my mug several times with the mug rug.  I did only use the treat once  
I made for Lyn "O'faigh" from 
I forgot to take photo's of my gifts so I had to rely on Lyn to put up one..silly me..
I did take one of it wrapped up showing the fabric I used.
 Some of us had these pretty little dresses on order and today we were able to open them..  Helen bought one a little while ago and it was so pretty, that the rest of us just had to have one... They are not very big but they look gorgeous hanging up..
 Present time - wow - lots of goodies everywhere.  Thanks girls for the wonderful gifts.. 
 After our busy morning we headed off to The Fox and The Hound.  I forgot to take photos inside this time round, not sure why because there is always something to look at..
Well, maybe I did take a photo of our delicious food, and of their famous 'foxy lady' drinks.  Oh my, I can only have one of these but I would love to be able to drink more...
I had a wonderful day with you girls, again....
Love you girls heaps - only one thing could have made today even better and that would be to have shared it with Norreen as well.  Sorry you missed it Nor, I am sure there will be plenty more in the future. 
Merry Christmas girls..

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  1. Love the bon bon swap idea...Great bus at the end - that is the kind I knew growing up in was the sort of bus I caught home from school - girls were only allowed downstairs - the story being that the boys would look up our tunics if we went up the stairs...How times have changed.