Monday, 19 December 2016


I have had a couple of surprise parcels this week.  The first was from Jenny, of and she got me a beauty.
After a long day I thought I would settled down on my bed to have a much needed nana nap, and just before totally resting had this crazy idea that I should check my mail.. 
I opened the pretty envelope first and without warning, I was showered in little stars...  I just burst out laughing.  Yep, Jenny got me good, but as I messaged her - I have a long
Thanks Jenny for the giggle - I was still finding them days later...
My second surprise was from Shez , of  Shez sent me this beautiful Christmas ornament.  Thanks Shez, it was a lovely surprise and I have it hanging on me tree already..
Love it xxx
I think I am going to sit back and enjoy my coffee, especially seeing as I think I have got my blog up to date... for now...
cya all..


  1. lol good on Jeny,its nice to recive surprises every now and then,hope you got to have your rest Sandi,lol xx

  2. What a GReaT surprise...lots of THaT going around at this time of year...
    Ho Ho Ho & Merry Christmas xox

  3. How wonderful to be spoilt by such wonderful friends!