Friday, 25 November 2016

Logan Alive Craft Show

This was the first time Logan hosted a craft show and Helen and myself thought it would be a good idea to check it out.  The Tuesday Girls had missed the big craft show held at Southbank this year so we were interested in checking this one out.  Unfortunately it was the first weekend after retreat and only two of us could attend. 
Here we are having morning tea and showing off our freebie magazines.  You might think that Helen's slice looks healthier than mine but you would be mistaken.  My slice is sitting icing side up while the other slice is up-side 
 We had a great time - both of us dabble a little in the dark arts (scrapbooking), so having the mixture of difference crafts on display suited us to no end.  We had a ball checking out everything, and were ecstatic to find one of our favourite shops had a stall there too - Bella Paperie.  We love this shop but unfortunately it resides on the other side of town and don't get there often.
I managed to find a few treasures. My favourite is the mug but then again the little handles were a great find.  The laced tablecloth - bottom left - was a good find and a bargain at $15 and I have the perfect spot for it. 
I am doing my best to catch up on my blogging - putting my posts up first then I intend to go and stalk a few of my favourite blogs.  I feel I am behind a bit with my reading of them but hopefully after today I will be all caught up..
Thanks Helen for a great day - if every you need someone to go AWOL again - I will be ready in heart beat...  xxx

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