Thursday, 20 October 2016

Helen's Back - yay...

No I can start this post with Helen because while she was away gallivanting all over the world, The Tuesday Girls did get up to a little mischief..
Last week we got to go out in Norreen's new spiffy red car.. Here she is showing us her modelling skills - I think she could go professional..
We headed for a little road trip to Springfield Shopping Centre to catch a movie and, of course, some taste testing of some kind..
First port of call - San Churro's for morning tea...   I was pretty restrained and only ordered a black tea and a truffle, which I enjoyed immensely..
Then it was off to the movies - Girl on a Train was the chosen flick for today and yes I did enjoy it and no, I did not know how it was going to end...   We decided to do a selfie and didn't realise it at the time but we were photo bombed by, probably the only other people in the
After the movies and some shopping - did you know their are Christmas decorations in the stores already - BONUS...we thought we needed something to munch on so we headed to San Churro's again ...  This time I know I over did it.. I had a slice of cheesecake, a chocolate Halloween dipped strawberry and a milkshake.  Well I ate the strawberry, slowly munched the cheesecake, left the ice-cream (a bit full by now) and sipped a little of the milkshake.  Pity I would have loved a doggy bag but I don't think the milkshake would have travelled well...
Now we can talk about Helen's return... Tuesdays Girls met at Helen's this week and how special are we..  The table was set upon our arrival - pretty tea cups, yummy nibblies, napkins...etc.. 
I think we should vote (amongst The Tuesday Girls) and elect Helen to do morning tea at her place every week - I know personally I could easily get use to this kind of treatment ... what do you think girls??
Did I mention where our napkins came from... I will let you work it out..  I will add that I did not use my napkin and put it straight into my bag, seemed just wrong to ruin it...
I might have moved the foodie bowls a little closer to my 
Helen did not stop here but 'baked' for us too...  Caramel mud cake - I can still smell the icing - yummo.   I think Helen might have missed us just a tad...
We were so spoilt with lots  of pressies from the places that Helen visited...
You know the best pressie though - Helen came back to us and didn't stay overseas with her new - so called - friends... 
Ok no more mushie stuff - just look what she gave us...  A gorgeous French scarf, a pretty tin with English Breakfast Tea inside, a cute little bell, lace bookmark, lemon soap (which I hope has nothing sinister in the ingredients because I keep sniffing it) - the smell is divine.. A Christmas ornament and some chocolates..oh and some gorgeous napkins (inside joke)..  I will leave it for Helen to explain where she collected all these beautiful gifts because I am sure there might be a story or two to go with them..
I had to take a close up of the chocolates which nearly didn't make the photo shoot.  I will add that by this point in my blogging that the chocolates are all gone... I really didn't want to unwrap them but I what can I say - I did and I saved the wrappers (for what I have no idea).. just too pretty to throw away..
Thank you Helen for your lovely gifts but I am sooooo glad you are home - we missed
Now just a couple of photo's - our clever little chook hatched out five baby chicks last week and I thought I would add them to my post.. 
There are four on one side of her and one hiding on the right side..
Our grandson thought they were perfect and formed an attachment to this little one..
He named her - Zoolah... and I think one of the other ones was Zoomie..  He thought it was magical when the chick nestled on his shoulder for a sleep but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that incidence.  
Anyhow the time has come to end off once again..  Hope you are all living life to the fullest and having as much fun as you can muster.. 
catchya all later


  1. Thank God Helen mace it back from the u k....
    Love the chicks

  2. What an elegant table setting.. and I agree, that napkin is not for wiping! Lovely lot of pressies too!

  3. Hi Samdi ,so glad Helen came back to you safe and sound. Yes I could certainly get used to having a cuppa on Helens beautifully decorated table ,enjoy your lovely gifts xx

  4. Hope Helen hasn't become too POSH !!! such a beautiful table setting she had and spoilt you all with those great gifts..
    Not sure how much you missed her though. the three of you seamed to have had a fun outing in Norreen's ritzy red car....
    love the pics of your GS and the chick

  5. I am a bit behind catching up - but it sounds like another fun day!

  6. A fun day by the sounds. Sandi could you email your address to me please. your are my partner in the No Fuss swap and I don't have your email address xx