Sunday, 17 July 2016

Regional Flavours Festival

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to the Regional Flavours Festival at Southbank.  This was a first for us so we didn't know what to expect, but boy, were we delighted that we went.
As soon as we arrived we found out that one of our all-time 'heroes' was going to be there.  Paul West of River Cottage Australia had an area there and was going to be giving talks throughout the day.  We have been watching River Cottage (the uk one) for decades and fell in-love with kind of living from the very first episode.  Then when the Australian version started and we were more excited because it was closer to home.  We thought we would check his site even though it was early in the day and what a surprise we got when we did..
Paul was standing around checking out everything and so we thought we would do the 'check out the celebrity' thing and went up to him.  Well we couldn't have been more tickled pink if we tried.  We welcomed us like we were old friends, making sure we got heaps of photos with him and chatting about heaps of different topics..  He was so down to earth which made our visit even more thrilling..
We had to leave him to get on with things and so dragged ourselves away to enjoy what other delights we could find at the festival.
We first tasted, absolutely delicious Raspberry and cream cups.. Yum..
Decided on sliders for lunch from the Charming Squire stand..again - yum. 
I manage to find these in my bag by the end of the day - I just don't know how they got there.. 
We couldn't decide which Mason Baker cake to buy so we bought all four... 
We headed back to catch Paul's show and afterwards, naturally, bought his book which he very kindly autographed for us.. 
 And made us pose for more photo's - can I keep him mum - pleeeease...
We that was more fun than I thought it was going to be.  I will treasure my book and will read it from cover to cover and I might even make some of the recipes...


  1. lol i love this post Sandi,boy how much fun did you guys have,love all that yummy food and love how your book was signed,what a wonderful time you had xx