Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Yay, opening days has finally arrived as well as my swap tin...so excited...  My swap partner for this swap was Sharmayne from http://countryfragrance.blogspot.com.au/..
I love the fabric Sharmayne has wrapped my tin in - so much so that I have already earmarked it for a project that needs to done in the near future...It will be perfect..
Inside my gorgeous tin, which I might add matched my fabric,  I found an assortment of goodies.  th
There is everything from threads to treats to notions..  The unpicker will come in handy cause I am one of those people who is always misplacing them..I do blame the cat for stealing them but she can only be blamed so many times...  I will admit that my mintie was first to go (hubby was eyeing it off) but no sharing here..
Thanks Sharmayne for being my swap partner,  I love all the items you have included, the button is cute, the threads handy, the lace gorgeous...yep I could go on and on..
Now for anyone that is interested, The Tuesday Girls are holding another 'No Fuss Swap' so if you are interested in signing up then head on over to here..http://nofussswappers.blogspot.com.au/ and sign up.. you have until the 5th of May to join..  This one is  called Kitchen Kapers.

Well that's all for today, looking forward to seeing what everyone received,  and girls, feel free to spread the word in-case anyone else would like to join in.. 


  1. What a fun swap ,love what Sharm sent to you ,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. Fabulous goodies in your Tin...

  3. As I said to Maria - Lovely tinned goodies!! these swaps are fun & easy..almost

  4. Lovely goodies in your tin, Sandi.

  5. lots of lovely goodies in there!