Friday, 22 April 2016

The Festival Of Nor..

Yesterday saw The Tuesday Girls heading off for another road trip in the continuation of the celebration of Nor's Birthday..   Don't you just love 'selfies', some people just seem to be able to pull them off with no effort at all, but this is definitely not the case with us...we find we laugh a little too much while trying to fit all of us into the photo..  I think we are getting better though..two photo's taken and we are all visible and smiling - no one is pulling a face.  I can see why people invest in a 'selfie stick'- its hard to hold the camera out so far and take the photo..  Thanks Cass, you did a great job... A New title - Official photographer for The Tuesday Girls...
Take Two - just in-case...
We started the day with morning tea at San Churro - Nor bought me a Bailey's Truffle chocolate - oh my, I think I have found my new 'all time' favourite chocolate...Oh it was sooo good..
The birthday girls choice in movie today..  We saw The Boss at Springfield Cinemas.  I love their new cinemas, everything is so clean, the chairs are comfortable, the staff friendly.. 
A little shopping was also added into the day.. Teresa and I fell in-love with this baking dish, which I might add was on a great special, so we each bought one..
I found two bags that just had to come home with me..a small one for when I just need something to hold my phone and keys and a medium sized red one, well, just because I liked it..
Another fantastic day with friends, Happy Birthday Nor, I hope all your computer troubles are resolved real
On Tuesday, I forgot to mention that Teresa's Mum, Frankie, had sent up a parcel for me.  I am going to call it a necklace cause I don't know what it is officially called, but I think necklace would be pretty close or maybe it could be necklace/scarf..  Teresa has one and I thought it was great and with a bit of wheeling and dealing, ta da, I now have one myself...  Thanks Frankie and Teresa, looking forward to wearing it...xx
Well that's all..hope you all have a great day..


  1. good morning Sandi ,you girls crack me up,those selfie pics are good and i can imagine how much laughing would be going on.
    What a wonderful birthday Norrs is having,i love your new pie dish and bags and the necklace from Frankie is gorgeous,thankyou for sharing your fun day my friend xx

  2. Seems you have all had a great week...shame in some ways 3 of you have birhtdays so close....but maybe one jsut rolls into the next one...

  3. I'm coming over for my birthday in November sew I can have a Festival of Maria with you all....LOL
    You always have such a great time...