Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Festival of 'Me" - Day 6

This morning saw The Tuesday Girl's getting together for another outing... My Festival has been a doozy this year - it might not look it but boy I am tired but I am not finished
Anyhow back to today... 
 We went and saw this today....
Another great movie with yummy choc tops and lots of laughter coming from the back row...oh yeah - we were in the back row...oops...
On the way out we came across a photo booth..  lets go check it out, said someone.  Why not, said another..
Now I will give you a mental picture - four women enter a two seater booth, close the curtains and then all you can hear is giggling...  lol  Helen sat on my lap and Norreen sat on Teresa's lap.. 
We were also laughing cause none of us knew how to work the booth, so here we were, one ontop of the other trying to read instructions ..  lol
You just can not take us anywhere unsupervised.. 
Alright, now lets get down to something a bit more serious - Lunch at the Coffee Club..
I had one of their new frappe's - Strawberries and cream...oh my - yummo..
Then followed this with a - well it was suppose to be a sandwich but it was more like a burger.. very tasty though.. I had to leave half behind because it was just too big..
I like their napkins - oops...mental note - put the camera away...
We paid Kaiser Kraft a visit and then Spotlight, and now I am at home, trying to recoup from such a busy week...  maybe a nana nap would help..
Cya later


  1. OMG what a birthday... You girls just go all out and have lots of fun...
    Love the photo booth photos....

  2. You lot just never stop!!!

  3. Sun a fun post. It is wonderful to see friends so happy together

  4. Wow, you have had a fun birthday festival!! Can you please send me an email with your details for the no fuss tin swap when you recover from all that fun lol
    I don't seem to be able to use the email link on your blog as I don't use outlook.
    hugs sharm