Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Festival Of 'Me' - Day 4 - My Birthday - Part 2

Wow - what can I say, what a day...  First we start with petty teacups, roses and all things gorgeous and sometime very shortly later we end up like...
this....  hehehehehe
I realise I need to fill in the gaps so here I go. 
When I arrived at Helen's place, I found the crafting room (aka Helen's GD's flat) decorated in all things gorgeous..  There were pink buntings, pretty tea cups, party bags, pressies, cake, party hats, pretty serviettes, but best of all - huge hugs from the girls..
Norreen was unable to make it today, she did have a very good reason so even though we missed her heaps, we all understood...
The girls made sure she was with us anyway...
Now lets talk about the birthday cake - OMG is was amazing, so amazing that we all had two slices.  If ever we get this cake again we will just quarter it, no trying to save any or leave any, just accept that it is going to be eaten all up.  Now I wish I knew the name of it, I know it had caramel in it but seeing as I didn't buy it, I have no idea of its name.  I do know it came from the Cheesecake shop..
Go and do yourself a favour - head straight to the shop and get one.... I dare you...lol
Now add a double serve of sugar and The Tuesday Girls together and what do you get...  Utter madness.  I nearly wet myself soooo many times..  lol 
This giggling fit all started with the goodie bags.  We all played with the paddle game, we blew whistles, wore hats and then played with the glasses...I was 'special' and got a fluffy pink Tiara in my bag...

I was given the most beautiful pressies - a set of gorgeous pink spoons, a decoration in the shape of a heart with the words - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends - how true. 
I have decided to not only use my beautiful spoons on special occasions but for any time I just want to make my meal look pretty, and the decoration, I am going to hang in my craft room so I can look at it all the time..
Now you may be wondering about the red glasses.  Well you see, they are not just ordinary glasses but special glasses.  They are called Onion Glasses and you wear them when chopping onions to prevent crying.  Now I am not sure that they work very well on the person wearing them but they do seem to affect anyone standing around the person wearing them.  As soon as you put them on, everyone cannot control themselves and burst into laughter.  Very odd...  lol 
After laughing and eating it was decided that a little road trip was next.  I wanted to grab something at Ikea - I am well aware that to 'grab' something at Ikea is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have to walk through the whole store to get out.. To make it a more pleasurable visit, we decided to have lunch there.  You might notice I did wear my Tiara and Nor came along for the ride too..
Nor while your down there can you pick up my serviette please...lol
I have one of those loyalty cards for Ikea and seeing as it was my birthday, they gave me a small cake..  yep that's right - third piece of cake for the day...but who is counting...
Nor got up to so much mischief while we walked around the store.. just can't take her anywhere...lol
I did manage to do a little shopping - two green metal milk cans, a metal tiered cake stand and a metal jug..  I am going to use the cake stand on my crafting table to hold bits n pieces in one place..
I am going to confess here - I did eat ALL my lollies from my goodie bag while typing this post, after all it is a long post, I needed the sugar....lol
Thank you girls for a fabulous day, I had an absolute ball.  I soooooo wish laughing was some sort of exercise cause I would be a skinny mini...  Blogger was playing up tonight and did a horrible thing and made my words disappear so I have had to rewrite this post twice - hence the lollies...
Now I am tired and need to get my pj's on and go to bed...good night all.. 
I love my friends - Helen, Teresa and Nor...  you guys are priceless... 
Night Night


  1. How we didn't pee ourselves I do not know....... so glad you enjoyed the day Sandi......

  2. omg what a funny post so glad you had so much fun Sandi,you girls sure no how to have fun,xx

  3. Happy birthday. Looks like you had a great day.

  4. What a great day! I bet ya ribs are sore from all the laughing! You have amazing friends!!

  5. Happy birthday Sandi....lots of pretties and giggles! Perfect!

  6. So glad you had a fun day. I grinned all the way through reading this ha ha! Love ya to pieces Sandi xx

  7. As only the Tues girls can behave............LOL............

  8. Talk about wild girls .... Awesome photos 💖💖