Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Festival of 'Me" - Day 2

DAY 2 - Sunday
Today we had all our kids and grandkids come round for dinner..  Lots of noise and lots of laughing..
We decided to take some family group photo's...talk about a laugh..  Elle was confident she could get her camera to do a delayed photo so we could all be in it..so after many starts with us standing there, in position, all smiling and either the camera not taking the photo, or someone moved, or the flash not going off or standing there and the camera not taking a photo - which ended in fits of laughter from us all - to even the time delay being shortened and this not leaving enough time for Elle to get back into the photo - well we finally got some ok shots...
Another pretty good one..
Ok - now the sillies are starting to set in - you can only keep us straight for a short time..

 Yep definitely lost the plot by now...
This was a first photo in another room (or should I say the good one out of a dozen..lol)  You can tell it was an earlier photo - they are all better behaved..
We have had a strange year this year - every year we all get together for birthdays but this year between holidays, going out to dinner for birthdays and illness, well I never got to do the birthday cake candle thingy with them all and it has bothered me heaps.  So tonight we made up for it...
Hubby and I surprised the kids with cakes..
First birthday for the year - Youngest son - Jaxon.. 
Second for the year - Eldest daughter - Elle.. (Ellesha)..

Third for the year - Youngest grandson - Brayden
 Fourth birthday for the year - Eldest son - Keelan..
Fifth and Seventh birthday for the year - beautiful husband - Wayne and Middle son - James..
Sixth birthday for the year...Me... 
 Wow, I know - so many birthdays in the beginning of the year - Our eldest grandson had a birthday too but we managed to have cake on that day with him..phew...
You know it worked out pretty good having 'cakes' all on one day, normally I am eating birthday cake approximately every two weeks between January and April but this time I only was able to fit in a small amount.. I might add that to my cake eating months - two of the Tuesday Girls have birthdays in this time frame as well...  mmm mental note - never try to eat healthier from January to April..
Elle had a ball with her cake... I think the Vienna Log has always been her favourite since she was little.. I might add - she did share some of it but got very protective over the rest of it..

Brayden, I know, enjoyed his cake...

One more photo - Elle and Amy taking selfies with my phone...

To my gorgeous family - these are my most special, favourite, bestest times - when we can ALL get together...
I love you all heaps - Ellesha, Keelan, James, Jaxon, Amelia, Mike, Michaela, Hudson, Brayden and especially my favourite person in the whole world - my husband - Wayne..


  1. Oh Sandi what a beautiful post,your family is gorgeous,wow so many cakes,such lovely fun pics of you and your family xx

  2. I agree with Shez, gorgeous post!! So many cakes..................love it!!

  3. That just looks like a festival of joy. What a beautiful family and you can never have too much cake.