Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Decision Made...

Ok so I finally decided what I wanted to do today but it didn't quite go as planned..
I headed to the shops with intentions on seeing this movie.
But apparently I was one day too early so I saw this movie instead.
Did I enjoy it - well yes I did, I think I would have preferred the other movie but this one was a good one until I see the other.   Lovely story and yes you will need to take your tissues.  I have heard its as good as The Notebook, but I still prefer that one over this if I had to choose. 
I also did a little shopping while out - needed to buy some new jammies - you see I am going on retreat next week and I didn't want to give my roomie the wrong   I found these at Target and I can see myself living in them...they are just so comfortable..
I also bought or rebought a fitbit - my old one died a couple of months ago and I have missed it - at least I will know how many steps I am not doing while sitting in my new pj's on the couch...

Wayne and I have been planning on some outings for us to do this year and so far this is what we have chosen.  He is a  huge Queen fan and so tickets to the "We Will Rock You" concert were a must and we figure we cant go wrong with tickets to The Bootleg Beetles..  I have checked The Bootleg Beetles out on-line and they look great.....  I wonder what else will be on the cards for us this year?
Oh and I got happy-mail today... Fabric for my LaPassacaglia Quilt - OMG it's sooo bright... 😳.  Lol

That's all.  Catch you all later...

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