Friday, 12 February 2016

Another Great Day

I had a fabulous day today with this lovely lady, Teresa.   First port of call was to check out some Vintage Sewing Machines being sold at Sewer's Delight over the next couple of days..  The owner needs to sell them for health reasons so if anyone is interested contact Sewer's Delight at Browns Plains.  Otherwise just call in and have a look, it's worth a look..
Teresa is hold one of many of her favourites...
I am checking out some of the larger ones - I think this one was $130 but I didn't buy it....damn maybe I should have.  I did not buy one machine, I just couldn't decide, too many sewing machines and so little money, and how was I going to pick just one..
Checking out some more...
I like this one, just gorgeous...
Here is a sample of how many were there..
And another example.....
ok and another photo..
I like these ones too..
Oh and these ones...
This one was $250 and just check the timber in-lay along the front... such beautiful craftsmanship.
I would have been happy with the timber boxes the machines come with... so much attention to detail...
Alright no more machine photo's, so how about one of our lunch...  yummm and the hot cross bun was toasted too.
Now the perfect way to end this perfect day - we went to the movies to see Brooklyn and I loved it and would see it again.   I loved the costumes and the old buildings and the shoes and...and...  ok just do yourself a favour and go see it.. 
So I have had a fantastic day, I didn't buy any of those gorgeous machines (I still have time though),
I saw a great film and most of all, I got to do all this with a great friend...  Thanks Teresa for coming
cya all


  1. so many machines! no wonder you couldn't decide

  2. Wow! So beautiful! And it would be so hard to choose. I am really looking forward to seeing that movie....thanks for the critique! I am glad it was good.

  3. Glad you both had a fun day....

  4. Wow...All of those beautiful Sewing Machines...oh my gosh....I would be in 7th Heaven and just drool over all of those beautiful old Sewing Machines.

    I am a new follower of your Blog and I would love for you to become a follower of my Blog. Here is the link:

    I do Counted Cross Stitch, Quilting, Embroidery, Crocheting, and I love to Read.

    Happy Stitching & Enjoy your Day
    Linda K, Railroad

  5. Thanks Sandi. I had a wonderful day. Love days like these!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day, adore those machines

  7. OMG that would be amazing to see.........