Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tasmania Day 9

Let our Friend's In Stitching Retreat begin...
After a little bit or chatting and stitching some of us decided to head into Latrobe...beautiful town and some very interesting shops, as previously mentioned..
A little fabric shopping - naturally..
Here we have Helen in the naughty corner..  mmm just cant take her anywhere.   Actually she moved to a spot that had better lighting to do her stitching.   This seemed like a great idea so the Mainland girls that were hand stitching moved over to join her while the Tassie girls with Machines stayed put..
This created a kind of split in the group - the Mainlanders and the Tassies, so the jokes started - the needing of passports to come over to our area and border control etc (you get the picture..all in good gest of course).. 

Anyhow after our little trip into town, we found that there had been a 'coo' and all the Mainlander's had been exiled to outside, so what's a Mainlander to do in this situation?   Sit down and stitch of course while the Tassie girls enjoyed eating the afternoon tea of homemade muffins...cheeky girls, but I must say, the lighting was excellent out there...lol
The Tuesday Girls gave everyone a 'Survival Kit' - this included things like a bandaid, safety pin, some sheets of toilet paper (well you never know), a Damn It Doll (to beat up when frustrated) and a couple of other items..
Night time was when the Halloween Festivities began.
Here we are all dressed up as witches...even the anti-halloweenist got into it...good sports..
I hope I get everyone's name right -
Nor, Jenny, Teresa, Me, Helen, De and Catherine..

Jo, Leanne, Lynda, Vicki, Lib and, of course, Helen..
Here is the lovely Nor trying to stitch in her constume..
We did have a swap while on camp with the theme - Travel and here is what I made the Delightful De...

I was lucky enough to have the gorgeous Nor making for me...here is the beautiful gift Nor gave me.
A Cable Caddy made with beautiful blue floral fabric (I like to think they are roses), a survival kit, handy travel containers, foldable sunglasses and some chocolate.  Come to think of it, where did I put those chocolates, just hang on a minute while I look.   Yum - found them - all gone now, sorry none to share...
Inside my caddy...Thanks Nor, you did a wonderful job, cant wait to use it..
The girls put on a Halloween supper to match the festivities of the night..
There were all sorts of scary foods to tempt pretty witches to eat...
 Some more treats - I did enjoy the Halloween Lyndt balls...
 Some of the witches hovering around the food table....
 A caldron of witches - is that the correct terminology cause I want to say a gaggle of witches but I don't think that is correct either...oh well - a bunch of cuties...
 Looking inconspicuous near the food table...
 Helen and De with their sleep masks on.  I am thinking Helen is praying that we don't do anything to her while she has her eyes shut...lol
 The Lovely Lib gave us all a little 'treat' - a gorgeous Halloween thread bin...too cute to use, I don't want to dirty mine.  There was a scary spider and gross looking lollie as well... thank you Lib, it's lovely and I will pull it out every Halloween and use it - maybe for lollies though and not scraps..
Well that's it for day 9.  There was probably so much more I could add but this post has been such a long one and to add insult to todays post, I have had to rewrite it twice cause I must have hit a wrong button and it deleted my first attempt.  (Damn computers)...
cya later for day 10..


  1. That's a funny story about the passports. LOL. I had not heard that story. Looks like I missed out on some fun :)
    Those Survival kits were awesome. Thanks so much xx

  2. Oh, and great swap gifts too xx