Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tasmania Day 11

Woohoo, last post for our Tassie holiday..  It feels like I have been doing these for ever..lol
We started the day off with having our morning tea on the porch in front of our cottage.  Please note - in the photo my hubby is wearing a jacket and jeans. That was yesterday and today, now back in Brisbane, I have the air con going because it is just to hot...
It was recommended to us to visit Mona on our way back to the airport, but we were a little early for it and the museum and winery were not open.  We did get a chance to walk around the lovely grounds though and they did have some interesting pieces.  Not a good photo but this one is like a tepee that you walk into and then a story starts to narrate. 
Then we came across this artwork - it was a semi-truck with a cement mixer on the back.  This photo does not do it justice so I will show you a couple of close ups to give an idea of how intricate it was...
Here is one of the wheels...
Trying to get a better photo - its just too big, actually it is probably true to size...
The wheel of the cement mixer.
Showing the wheels of both vehicles... someone has too much time on their hands...
We then headed into Hobart for morning tea....  I haven't finished eating my way around Tassie.
I wonder if I can fit another shop in before we really need to leave for the airport...just one???
Lots of lovely fabrics inside...
More lovely fabrics....
I did manage to buy just a couple of pieces, not my normal style of fabrics but I was looking for ones to fussy cut, so I am hoping these will work well.
I love this - we were entering the "Hug zone" at the airport....
Now I'm home and Maci is definitely glad to see me, not leaving my side on my return.  I have given
her heaps of cuddles and scratches. 
Well this brings me to the end of our Tasmanian Holiday, I'm glad to be home but boy I had a ball.
I got to meet the lovely Friends In Stitching girls, and saw some amazing places (some I will never forget), eat some delicious foods and had some fantastic adventures. Hubby got to play on some unforgettable golf courses and darling daughter had an amazing holiday she will remember forever.   I might touch up a few spots as I remember things I had forgotten to mention but no more big blogs. Oh I did tell hubby I will add some more of his golf photos (Barnbougle and The Lost Farm) ones, hopefully this wont confuse anyone too much...
That's all from this weary traveller...
Catchya all later.


  1. Hi Sandi thankyou for sharing your adventure,oh my the work on those vehicles,unreal,i would hate to imagine how long it took them to make these. I bet Maci is glad to see you back home,boy what an amazing holiday for you all.xx

  2. I have so enjoyed your holiday... we went over last year and loved it and went to a few places you went to and missed a few too.... I think we will need to go again!

  3. Oh those pics are insane!!!!! Love the wheels, how groovy!!!!
    You enjoy the holiday time.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. You sure did a lot in the time you were here Sandi! It was lovely to meet you! And, we didn't get a pic together!! GRRR... next time xx