Monday, 23 November 2015

October and November

Wow - time is just flying by and I have a little blogging to catch up with..The following post is not going to be written in the correct order of events but I have narrowed the time frame down to the last
two months...
Last year I had finished this table runner and figured that I had better finish it off for this Christmas - a year between finishing the top and quilting seems pretty reasonable in my books...
It's quite large so taking a photo of it was not the easiest thing to do.
I had an unfinished quilt top hanging around and thought, with a little trimming, that it would make a great backing for my table runner... It now has a Christmas side and a Fall/Autumn side..
I am still, slowly, stitching Christmas Bunting from Rosalie Quinlan - I have completed all the letters in 'christmas' and I only have three letters left in 'merry'.  I am pretty confident I will have this completed by Christmas 2016
My sewing room has been a little 'messy' lately with bits and pieces everywhere..always running out of room. I have a set of drawers in there (full of fabric) and an assortment of shelves collected along the way but the one thing I didn't have was air-conditioning.  After a discussion with hubby - me saying that I couldn't fit a unit in and him saying there had to be a solution - he decided to inspect my sewing room.  I waiting in another room - waiting for some remark about how much 'stuff'' I had in there..  Well I can report he did very well, not one comment was made with regards to all my 'crap' errr umm 'very important purchases'.  phew!!!
My messy - well used - desk...
My cutting bench - you can just make out the cutting mat under all that stuff..  In my defence - I had been sorting out Christmas swaps and purchases and so it is a little messier than usual.
Anyhow, hubby came back into the room I was waiting patiently in and announced that a trip to ikea was needed and that I needed a new shelving system, that way I could fit an air-conditioner in. A man after my own heart...  While I got ready he measured my room, desk, floor space and off we went.
This is how my room looks now - I have all my fabric in view - yes I realise I have a problem but that is another matter.   I have a space about the shelves where the air-con will go. (It is currently sitting in my laundry waiting for instillation - I think he has beem making the brackets for the outside bit).
It is still a little messy - I am still sorting out Christmas 'stuff'.
I have new larger shelves that go all the way to the ceiling..
Underneath my cutting table, all the odd assortment of filing cabinets, draws etc have been replaced with another two shelving systems...
Over all my room is looking pretty good if I do say so myself..  It took me forever to get everything out. Oh boy - I think I need help - I came across things I had forgotten I had, hence the above mentioned table runner being finished off..  I am still tweaking things to my fancy but I don't mind that and I have sorted out all the Christmas stuff now so my desk is clear - scouts honour...  I love being able to see all my fabric, makes me all warm and tingly - yep definitely need help.
Thank you sweetheart - I love what you have done and that you don't even flinch when it comes to my little problem... 
Now on another subject - in October, The Tuesday Girls decided to drive up to Gatton to go to the Christmas In The Country show.  We have had a long time "fan" of the girls in The Tuesday Group and found out she was going to have a stall at this show.  So plans were made between us and Desley to meet up on the Friday at her stand..   
Look at these lovely ladies...always so much fun..
Well we found the show, found Desley's stand but did not find Desley... We spent quite a bit of time at the show, looking, buying, eating but still now Desley.  Oh well, maybe next year.. Here is Desley's  stand - note the bunting hanging up - it is the exact one that I have been stitching. There was a lovely array of Annie Smith dolls, Christmas dolls, stitcheries etc, but no Desley.  I'm sure this just means we will have to return another day.
 On the journey back home, Teresa thought it would be a great idea to attempt a selfie in the car...not too bad for a group of novices and one driving to
Helen knew of a place we could stop at on the way home... Well you can not expect us to drive all the way home without making a pit stop somewhere, after all Gatton is a whole hour from 
This place sounds good - right up our alley don't you think..
On Thursday, Helen and I had an impromptu outing.  I have been feeling out of sorts lately and a day out seemed like a good idea.  Norreen had work and Teresa is off jet setting, so that just left the two of us.   We headed to Springfield Lakes where we checked out spotlight and walked around chatting. 
After a while of checking out this and that we thought we deserved a much needed lunch, but where.
We ended up walking around the centre twice, thinking we had seen a café somewhere but not the ones we had found.  Nope, they must have moved it after our first lap of the mall cause we just could not find it..  Now what??  Ok lets check out the café in Target.. mmmm look - they do high teas for two - perfect..
Here I am waiting patiently for Helen to take the photo...

 My turn to take a photo. 
I must say that I was rather impressed with Targets High Tea.  We had sandwiches and yummy light and fluffy scones with real cream and jam.  We added two little cupcakes to our meal, which we realllly didn't need but did just cause we can.  The high tea was good value too...with our cups cakes the total was $25 - $12.50 each.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if any of the girls are available for lunch today???
Well that's all for today, I will try and post a bit more regularly.  I have been doing a little secret santa sewing lately so am unable to put up any of those photos but with that now all sorted I will get back into the rhythm of things..  Hope you all have a great day and stay out of the heat...


  1. Wow! You lucky girl...all those awesome shelves and air con too! You girls always have a great your table runner x

  2. Good looking sewing room Sandi..... I expect great things from you now...... no excuses. Thanks for the day out too......

  3. Hi Sandi your hubby is awesome and i absolutely love your sewing room and how neat all those fabrics look in the shelf.Love all your happy fun pics and love the yummy looking high tea and how nice you can use your sewing room in comfort now,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  4. What a lovely time you had with your friends.How wonderful a new look to your sewing room. Now you see your fabrics I hope you get inspiration for new projects plus finishing ones already started. I`d like to do the same! We are putting new carpet down in the whole house and the main part of my supply is boxed and put in the shed,it feels like it`s doing a disappearing act :( Time will tell. Enjoy sewing in comfort.Happy Stitching.

  5. Lovely table runner and what great idea to back it with another UFO..
    I remember you stitching the bunting when I was over in Brissie.
    What a great guy you have. Your sewing room looks fabulous and will be better when the air con is in...
    Saw the photos of you both on Helens blog. Looks like a great place to have High Tea for two....

  6. Wonderful re organisation effort!! Air con is a definite these days. Great idea to make the runner reversible. (Love that coffee place too!!)

  7. Hi Sandi
    Your sewing room is awesome, I love those fabric shelves. Your table runners are beautiful, Good job to have them finished.