Monday, 26 October 2015

Tasmania Day 3

This post is a day late because there was no internet or phone service for my phone down Port Arthur way.
On Sunday we left Hobart and headed towards Port Arthur, stopping first in Sorell for a local market.
Our second stop was at Pirate Bay, and although this place was beautiful I thought I might just be lucky to see Captain Jack Sparrow, but no not a pirate in sight... Oh well..
We did visit The Tesselated Pavements on the beaches at Pirate Bay.  Wow these natural formations are just brilliant.  
A view from up high.
On closer inspection.
More exploring...

Still exploring ..
It's like a huge block wall has fallen down.
Ok one more photo - I liked this place.. 
And one more - a selfie...
Ok we needed to drag ourselves away from here to go on our adventure cruise..
We did one of the Tasman Island Cruises and I wily recommend them to anyone.
The captain - Mike - ( not Jack Sparrow) was a true comedian and an expert boat handler, we had a ball.. 
This is the boat we went in..( pinch the photo from the brochure). 
Here we are in our pretty suits...
The water was so clear and clean, if it wasn't for the temperature you would want to go swimming.
Here are some (too many to post all the pics) of what we saw.

This photo shows how blue the water was..
We also saw three whales, heaps of seals, two albatross and if course dolphins. 
After our cruise we had a little rest before heading off to our Ghost Tour at Port Arthur.  I didn't take any photos from here as it was night and I did not want to come home and find out there were ghost shadows in my photos.  Yep chicken shit here.  The tour guide did an amazing job at scaring the pajeevers out of me. I did enjoy looking around the old buildings and again would recommend this tour to anyone.  I'm have trouble with my phone service dropping in and out at the drop of a hat.  Hopefully tonight I will have good coverage and can check my typing skills and comments.. 

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