Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mothers Day

I had a fantastic Mother's Day, all the kids were there (this in itself is a miracle), lots of yummy foods and plenty of sunshine and laughter..
We had our lunch outside in the garden, I am freezing while typing this and just looking at the photos, well,  I can just feel the sunshine on my skin and it is warming me (if only a little)....
Youngest beautiful daughter looking rather 'old' for her age...someone put a stop to her growing up please..
We had heaps of yummy foods, this is only one of the tables...and Mother's day was the very first time for me to taste "Iced Tea". I don't know why I have not had this before but it is now on my shopping list permanently.
More happy snaps...
And More happy snaps...gorgeous eldest daughter taking selfies....
Michaela (Jaxon's beautiful girlfriend) made me this divine banana and carrot cake.  OMG was it delicious..
I did go mad at her days later (jokingly) about how naughty she was making such a tasty cake and making me eat it, everyday, several times a day until it was all gone... It was huge (double mixture) and my boys heard the mere mention of somekind of vegetable being in it and refused to eat it...(BOYS !!!)  This in tern meant I had to eat a lot (such a sacrifice, wonder if she would make me another one).. I had enough left over by Tuesday that I was able to serve it up for The Tuesday Girls, and this also made sure that I didn't eat the Whole cake on my own...(I did let/permit hubby to have some)...  Mental note - start walking round Australia to burn off all those extra calories..
A little better than cake...cuddles and giggles from my new grandson, Brayden..
The kids made a combined effort to buy me these two beautiful suit cases for my future travels..No more sports bags for any retreats I go on and look, they have wheels...happy dance...
That's all for me.  I'm a little late with this post but better late than never...  
Cya all


  1. looks like a wonderful mothers day..........a lovely spot in the garden.....

  2. Hi Sandy,wow all that yummy food,so nice that you got spoilt and by gee Brayden has grown,love your garden a lovely happy place for entertaining,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. hard to keep on top of blog posts and sewing and celebrations!!
    looks like a fun time!!!

  4. what a wonderful time...