Friday, 27 March 2015

Covert Operations...

Can you see these lovely sneaky see today I was whisked away on an adventure without knowing where we were going.   They felt I needed a little cheering up and so plotted and planned amongst themselves on what they could do to cheer me up and to also give me my birthday pressie (early - it's not until Easter Sunday).  Helen drove and, of course, I was trying to get information out of the other two with regards to our destination... No one would give it up though...Teresa wouldn't look me in the face ( I could tell she knew even though she denied it) and Nor was being really quiet...Helen just kept driving with a smile that looked something like a  Cheshire Cat's.
Anyhow we ended up at the Birchwoods  Nursery, you know the one I get my roses from..
Mind you we almost didn't make it, Helen, while driving, pointed out her "dream" home and at the same time started to leave the road....gave us all a fright... lol
Here is morning tea - Spiced Fig cheesecake... Mmmmm delicious...
After much ooing and arring and of cause sniffing, a rose bush was chosen for me...we should have put a little thought into the size of it before they paid for it, oh well...
Teresa still has some room in the back seat, mmmm maybe she sat on the right side cause...
If you notice Nor is somewhere in there too..   Lol
Here I am with my pressie, you will notice it has two gorgeous colours grafted onto the stem - deep red ( burgundy) and white.  I will take a photo later on when the buds open up... I think it will look like a bouquet, there are so many buds on it just waiting to open..
Thank you girls, I had a glorious time, even when we left the road and I love my new rose bush but I love you guys more... Xxxx. 


  1. So glad you enjoyed your day Sandi....... that was soooo funny getting that topiary rose bush in the car..... me not looking where I was going.... nah I don't think sooooo... lol

  2. Glad you made it. Happy birthday . lovely Rose bush.

  3. Oh SAndi hope everything is okay,and how lovely your friends came and cheered you up,love your new rose bush.Lol love the pics,take care my friend xx

  4. You four always make me smile. I'll miss you all tomorrow. Maybe i'll see you Sandi. :) Love the rose bush. I think i need to take a visit to that nursery. Hugs,xx

  5. Gorgeous....I had the pleasure of meeting up with Teresa last weekend....It wasn't for long enough as usual....Special day for you to cherish and a gorgeous rose bush. I thought about planting those across the front of my little house but decided on pink standard bonicas in the end. Have a lovely Birthday :)

  6. What a lovely surprise... and a beautiful rose bush... xox

  7. A special gift from a lovely surprise. Happy birthday for Easter weekend x

  8. A lovely early birthday present and a lovely day out.