Sunday, 11 January 2015

Meg's Birthday

My Mother-in-law celebrated a birthday today and we decided to get together for an outing up at Mount Tamborine..
We first met up at the local Markets, where I bought some healthy fruit and veges, another rose plant for my garden and some Rhubarb Jam (Hubby's favourite)..
A photo of Meg and her children....Fran, Wayne, Cameron and Meg (in front)...
 See it happens in all families...children misbehaving and not staying still for the camera...
 After the markets, we headed to Birchgrove Nursery for a coffee/ photo's but I did take one of this rose.   It's not the one I bought but everytime I look at this photo, I kick myself for not getting beautiful and the smell was out of this world..
We then headed to some of the local Antique stores and one strange store.....Me calling it 'strange' is an understatement.    It had some antiques but it was something from the "Addams Family' style..
There were skulls on their christmas tree,  real mummified frogs, carvings on animal skulls, lots of
dead things full stop....I was so out of my comfort zone that I couldn't even look the shop owner in the eye...she might have hexed me... and what goes perfectly with a shop like this...outside was a hearse with a coffin in it...   And no I have not exaggerated....I dare anyone to go there...I am not usually judgemental like this but you would have to see it to believe it...I was even worried about taking any photo's.    There was even a snake skin at the front door...  I don't want to ever go back there, and it was not - halloween scary - it was creepy scary...
We needed lunch after going there,so off to Gallery Walk for lunch....and then home..
It was a lovely day, getting together with in-laws and celebrating Meg's Birthday...I hope we can do it again one day..except for THAT shop...(sorry shop owner)....
Happy Birthday Meg (I know she stalks my blog)...


  1. wonder who buys the stuff...apart from when you need some odd sort of is a gorgeous rose....should have bought it as well....

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the scary shop. I will avoid it when we go there.

  3. Hi Sandi - looks like a lovely day out for the birthday girl! as for that rose, it's gorgeous, if you remember the name of it, perhaps you can get it another time...

  4. That shop sounds horrid Sandi. Pleased its not on my visit list. The photo of the rose is beautiful. Which rose did you get for your garden?

  5. A lovely day, apart from the spooky shop! Was there a body in the coffin? And yeah, you should have bought that rose, it's stunning!!