Saturday, 20 December 2014

Welcome To My Home

Now this post will be more for my benefit than yours.  You see I have this theory that if I take heaps of photos around the house then next year I will spend less time working out where everything should go because I will have a record of it.   Well that's the idea anyway...
I will start with my mantle - I have always loved how stockings look hanging from fire places but unfortunately I did not have one so hubby made me one.  He also made a stocking pole to hang the excess ones on.  I love it so much I am thinking of leaving it up all year for somewhere to display my other non-christmas treasures on. 
This is my grandsons toy box.  The pressies are fake too... Made with laser cut foam and then encased
In thick cardboard (another project aided by hubby) and then decorated with pretty papers and ribbon.

Same room....a Christmas display showing off some of my favourite pieces..   

I have a collection of table runners with nowhere to put them, so I have used them to decorate chairs for some cute teddies to rest on.

The same area - Santa has been wearing my Christmas hat so I don't lose it...
Another spare table runner...

Family room - my wall unit.

More Christmas trees - aka Maci's play area... Lol

Same room - display of hand made items....

The wood heater....
The bookcase....

Nutcrackers on top of the bookcase ...

My all time, absolutely favourite piece... Hubby gave me this several years ago and each year while I am unpacking it, I hold my breath and hope that I haven't broken anything off... So far so good...

Angels for the backs of chairs....

The hallway...

My youngest daughter wanted to do this spot, I think she just might have gotten some of my creative genes...
Entrance area...

Now it has taken me weeks to get the front yard decorated but I have finally done it...this would not have been possible without the help of a special friend - De....without her thoughtful and totally unexpected gift I would have nothing to show... Thank you De, it looks great...

This year, as you might have noticed, we bought a Santa costume.  We have been having so much fun with it....every year we give to kids next door pressies and this year was no exception, except for them being delivered by Santa himself...  It was such a blast, they had no idea and couldn't take their eyes off of him....the three year old didn't cry but was keeping a very good distance from him... I think this will be an annual event...   We had to sneak over through the back side gate, hubby was worried if he walked outside the front gate that other kids in the street might mug

I think next year I will buy a new camera.  I have not been happy with my photos of late, using either my mini iPad or iPhone to take them.   But they are not as good as they use to be in the past when I used an ordinary camera... Does anyone else have this problem or is it time to get new glasses?
That's all
Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Thanks for sharing your displays. They look great. love them.

  2. Just beautiful Sandi ! How about next year we have our Sunday breakup at your house, so we can see it all in person.

  3. Looks wonderful and lot of work has gone into all that!!

  4. ow Sandi your home is decorated so beautifully and boy i love that mantel i am going to show it to hubby and keep my fingers crossed,lol,enjoy your weekend.xx

  5. In heaven here!!! Everything is so gorgeous Sandi. You are definitely a Christmas kindred spirit xx

  6. Hi there Sandi....just popping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Lol that reindeer looks familiar!

  7. your christmas decorations are beautiful....................Merry Christmas Sandi..........

  8. Merry Christmas Sandi. Your home is beautiful! I love it all. Having photos is very helpful. We have a few of the same Christmas people.

  9. Wow, such a wonderful home and your Christmas decorating is divine.

  10. Beautiful decorating! Still in love with your fake fireplace! So want my hubby to build one for me - I might have to take over the workshop and do my own

  11. OMGoodness Sandi, what a beautiful home you have. Your decorating for christmas left me with my mouth hanging open in awe. So handy having such a capable husband, the fireplace is gorgeous, what a clever man. How kind that he plays Santa for your neighbouring children. Happy New Year

  12. I so love your house and the decorating is gorgeous!!!