Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Great Find...

Now that I have your attention I can reveal that I have done a little sewing today..well ok the sewing did have a christmas theme, so it didn't matter that I have totally lost my this kind of sewing doesn't count..
My eldest daughter wanted some burlap christmas stockings and after checking out that most delectable, delicious, wonderful site - Pinterest, I came away with some ideas of what I could do...
I will confess that I LOVE PINTEREST....I spend waste a lot of time pondering over all the pretty things available to me....
Anyway, back to here and now....Here is my end result....One girly one and two boyish ones...and I have a spare put away to decorate either way depending on what I need for when my second grandchild is born....
 I also had a very big dose of Christmas today, my wonderful Hubby took me to The Christmas Shack.  While there I got to fondle all things christmasy....I touch, played and looked at everything I could...I have made a list of some things I will be going back for, but as for today, I came away with this cookie jar....I have placed a christmas coffee mug (already mine) beside the jar so you can see how big it is...and you know only cost me $27....yep, that's right....not even thirty dollars...
Hubby's only complaint was that it did not come with cookies already inside...he must be getting hungry and seeing as he is being a good sport, I did buy him lunch...
 Hubby must be racking up those brownie points because this week he made me these circular
templates.  I will no longer being hunting for plates/cups with the right diametre to draw my circles.
He has even etched the plastic with the size and centre of each one...these will come in very handy...
Yes hubby, you have done a wonderful job...thank you
Well that's it for me...I now have to clean all my craft surfaces....those of you who have worked with burlap before will know exactly where I am coming is going to take me ages to get rid of all the fibres......its everywhere.... OR I could just go and check out Pinterest for a little while instead...


  1. The Stockings are Lovely your Hubby should go into Business those Circles are Fab!

  2. Cute little stockings. I was thinking the same about hubby making & selling those circles. They are great. Hugs,xx

  3. love those stockings, love your cookie jar, love your circles....

  4. Wonderful stockings! Love!!!! Your Santa purchase!!!! Your hubby is very clever. You best get baking his cookies!

  5. Is he taking orders for the circles, yet?
    He has been earning bikkie points!

  6. Love your burlap stockings and your Santa cookie jar!!

  7. What a handy man your DH is - takes you Christmas shopping and cuts circles.