Sunday, 8 June 2014

Woof.....nah only joking....

 This post is for kitty lovers only.....
I wanted to make sure Maci Grey was use to the car and didn't freak out if we ever needed to take her anywhere and today I made a run to a fabric shop, and felt it was the perfect opportunity to bring her along...
She had a ball, I think maybe she thought she was a dog cause she wanted to look out the windows and check where we were going...
 I did put a collar and leash on her before we went, just in case, but she seemed to enjoy her ride even though it tuckered her out a little..
Here she is taking a rest on my lap (hubby was driving)....Mental Note :- Don't wear black when taking her
in the car, my shirt had white fur all over it and sometimes it even looked like snow floating around the car with all her fur....ok slight exaggeration here but my shirt was a little furry...
 Hubby watched her while I was in the shop, opening the windows so she could say hello to anyone entering the quilt shop and willing to give her a pat.
Back at home now feeling very tired from her adventures, she curled up on my lap, gave a yawn and
went to sleep...   I like this photo of her yawning at me cause it looks like she is having a good old
 Sleeping in my (mummies) lap.....
When she woke she was full of beans - as usual - and decide she did not like the look of the tassel on
my project bag...
Oh well, it's only a tassel....
I apologize now to any cat haters (and Helen) if I have bored you, I will try and make sure my next post is of some stitching....cross my heart....
Cya Later


  1. Lol! It was only a tassle...oh dear! lol That face is full of
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Never mind the cat! Which patchwork shop's open on a Sunday????

  3. Aww Macy is so adorable. Hugs, xx

  4. Lol she is so gorgeous Sandi and sounds like she enjoyed her trip,lovely post.xx

  5. Tough luck Helen we all LOVE the kitty stories so you will have to show us more!
    Fabric shop?? spoill the beans - confession time - spotlight ?LIncraft??

  6. Kitty lover here. great post. hugs......