Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Another Christmas Finish

This is a little felt kit I bought while out with the Tuesday Girls.....(in March).....
"ok hurry up and take the damn photo"....."you said it was play time..."
 Six little christmas stockings....I did change it a teeny weeny bit - I have added buttons here and there...
 A closer look - the train and the robin.....
 The reindeer and mittens (the mittens are my favourite)....
 The tree and the candy cane......
 "Are you still taking photo's????""
 "If your not going to play with me then I will just help myself to some of these!!!"
"I don't care if they are hanging on your design wall.."  "This one is looking really tasty.."
"Have I got your attention yet??"
Lol - I had better go....before Maci eats my buttons.....


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  2. Will keep a look out ...

  3. I'd be up for one too. I have started the stitching just today. I thought maybe I would needle felt one for the top but wasn't sure how it would go. Have you contacted Natalie Bird herself to see where she got it from. If you do order, can you get an extra for me. I am happy to help with the postage price.

  4. Colour streams have that sort of thing in a small size - maybe they have larger ones too.... Funny that Natalie Bird doesn't sell them.....

  5. I've been looking for them too Sandi. I've 2 to make. I was just going to go get pom pom balls from the cheap shop 0r Spotties to use. But if you do order i'll take 2. Mine will be purple though. Hugs,xx

  6. Sandi - you have written 2 inch balls. I looked at the pattern which says 2 cm balls. I don't know which size you were looking for in your search. I went to eBay and searched for 'felt wool balls' and 2 cm ones came up in Australia. You can get mixed colours.

  7. You must have just amended it as I posted. The ones on eBay were $21 for 50 and from Oxenford.

  8. Hi Sandi,
    I looked at etsy, there are many choices there
    For example, these
    or these
    or these may do very well.
    All the sellers are in Australia so postage wouldn't be scary :)


  9. All ordered Sandi... I have enough for us, Linda, Jeanette and just about everyone else!!!

  10. Hi Sandi, Oh I love
    the warm feet!!! They all
    look so cute and snuggly.
    Cheers, Anita.