Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A couple of Finishes

I have had a couple of unfinished projects hanging around my sewing room lately and they have become a pain cause every time I want to use my cutting table, I have to move them...
I have no idea why it has taken me soooo long to finish them.  I can give you all the excuses under the sun as to why I have been so lazy, I mean, well, considering they only needed a little bit of attention and I could have had them out of the way a lot early...
I came close to cutting one by accident  the other day - that would have taught me a lesson...
Anyhow, here are three ??? well if I tell you they are little christmas tree skirts for little christmas trees, would you understand what I am talking about...I had visions of displaying my tree skirt with christmas decorations but they are all packed away and I just was toooo lazy to get something out...lol
 Here is a closer look - they are suppose to look like bonbons, measuring about 30cm in diametre.
 Here is another little project - a rubbish bag - this kit has been sitting on my table since Norreen's birthday outing.  I have to confess - I think it took a whole hour to make and this included eating lunch and having a coffee....
There is a green tab at the rear for hanging it up in the car, but I think I will use it in my sewing room...
I do love the fabric...
 Ok now the last finished project is a McKenna Ryan wall hanging.  I am part of an on-line McKenna Ryan stitch-a-long and I think, if I remember correctly, that I should have finished this about two months ago..oops sorry.  I did have it ready to be stitched but like everything else, it was put on my cutting table with intentions of finishing it off (one day!!!)..
 I am not too happy with my choice of background fabric, I think it needed a bit more oomph...but I did enjoy free motion quilting but maybe this too could have been in a darker thread...
Anyhow I did have fun making this, I might have to track down some more McKenna Ryan patterns.
That's it for me - kinda feeling all chuffed - just like my rooster - lol - cause I have cleared some space on my table....well at least for today....
I am sure I have finished something else but I just cannot think what it was....senior moment maybe...lol
That's it for me...night all...xxx


  1. Love the rooster - the FMQ is looking great too! Nice to get things finished and off the table.

  2. Hi Sandi boy you sure are on a roll,love all your lovely finishes,well done.xx

  3. You are doing well with your finishes. Love those tree skirts. What is the pattern please. Hugs,xx

  4. Well done great finishes. I particularly love the tree skirts

  5. Your tree mats are just wonderful... love them... and a very proud rooster .. great finish...
    (I lost your blog... but now I have found you again... so will be stalking!)

  6. Love your Bon bon mats...beautiful. I know exactly what you mean about stuff on the cutting board. Your "cock of the walk" is magnificent!! I can understand why you are chuffed.

  7. Well done on getting those pesky almost-done items off your table Sandi!

  8. Well done Sandi, love the tree mats and the other finishes too.


  9. Lovey finishes Sandi. Would love to know the pattern name for the tree skirts as I have a small tree that needs one. hugs.....

  10. Just popping in to say hi Sandi...great finishes there!