Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Stitches March Get-together

Well another fun filled day, jammed packed with loads of food, sewing, laughter and friends...
I did actually get some sewing done...well ok just a little bit of stitching - I would love to say that I completed all this stitching in one session, but that would be a lie...but maybe I did stitch about half of this project.
 Some of the girls are doing a stitch-a-long, and here is there first block...
Left to right...Maree, De, Teresa and Jeanette...
 There blocks are all looking lovely...maybe I should be doing this one as I do not need to start another I do not need to start another
Now in this photo you may be wondering what they are all laughing at, and that there is an extra person in the line...that person just might be the talented - Cheryl - she is one of the girls doing this quilt and as you can see, she is hanging her head in shame because she did not do her homework...
I wonder if she should right out some lines....I must do my homework....mmm say 100 times or more...
Anyhow that's all for me today....might catch you all next week...


  1. glad you girls had a chance to catch up again.................

  2. Hello Sandi,

    These photo's are precious.

    Happy days.

  3. Lol,you girls have so much fun,love the blocks,and love your Gail Pan stitchery.xx

  4. Yun were quick off the mark! I think you got a LOT done...

  5. Very quick off the mark. I hadnt arrived home when you posted this. Great day, and you did achieve a good amount.

  6. It was a very fun day for sure. xx debbie

  7. LOL...great photos.....poor Cheryl.....

  8. I had such a wonderful time! Lots of laughs as usual :)


  9. Love both those patterns! Sure looks like you had a lot of fun :-)

  10. Great photos of what looks to be a great day :) love the photo with Cheryl LOL!!!