Sunday, 1 December 2013

Time for my first December post and also a little giveaway....

Alrightly Then - Guess What? I am having my very first giveaway - but first you have to sit through some other stuff first before we get to the giveaway...
You may have noticed that I have been working on the Homespun BOM - It's Time For Christmas, well I have NOT finished it so don't get too excited but I have completed the top...

This is probably as far as this quilt will get this quilting will be left until next year...sorry but I am not putting myself under any delusions about having heaps of time to finish it - and the fact of the matter is - my mojo has not come I am just casually going with the flow of things (and no I haven't taken up drinking although that is not a bad idea)..

On Friday I spent the day at doctors appointments and cleaning my sewing room up (I am sure someone else is making a mess in there because it couldn't have been made by one person)..
Anyhow my spirits lifted when my parcel from Chookys Secret Santa Swap arrived...yippee...
Now do I wait or do I open the little one first..nah who can wait...
My parcel came all the way from Sweden...(I don't know if I am allowed to put up who my sender is so I will wait until I put the main pressy up to reveal this)...
 We decorated the house this weekend and so I was able to put up my decoration straight away..
I love it...thank you secret santa - I am so looking forward to opening the main present on Christmas day...and thanks Chooky for organising the swap, I know how busy one can get at this time of the year.
Ok now is time for me to reveal my giveway....why you may be asking yourself - well its Christmas and that's a good enough reason than any...
I have four gifts for you to choose from...and I suppose we will need some rules...
Lets see - rule one - You must be a blogger and a follower to enter..
                rule two - Sorry but being my first giveaway - I am only posting within Australia..
                rule three - Leave a comment on this post and also include the number for which gift you
                                   are interested in..  I will have the kids draw names from a hat and will eliminate
                                   the gifts one at a time...I will send an email after the drawing.
                rule four - Yes Tuesday Girls - you can enter (I have kept these gifrts a secret even from
                rule five - and its and easy one - the date for the drawing will be Monday the 9th Dec -
                                 so get your entries in before then.
So do you want to see what I have to giveaway???

Number 1.....A project bag and a Marg Low - Country Garden Thread Holder (with four threads)..
 Number 2 - another Marg Low project - Dilly Bag with matching Needle Keeper.
 Number 3 - A book by Suzanne McNeill and a Marg Low Country Garden Holder with
                           two buttons inside...          
 Number 4 - Well to tell the truth - number four is a booby prize - it was a book that I purchased
                     on line and when it arrived it just was not my cup of tea - and so it was put
                    aside waiting for a new home...I didn't feel it was up to scratch for a gift so hence -
                    the boobie prize...maybe someone (other than me) would appreciate it - so here it is..
 I have included a photo of one of the pincushions inside - you will notice it is called FLAT CAT - I think this says it  So if you think this would be a great read then include the number 4 with your comments...

 You can add several numbers if you like - just put them in order of preference. 
Well that's it for me...have fun...I, as well as a lot of other people this weekend, have put
up my chrissy tree and decorated the house...but those photos can be added at a later date..
Goodnight all and I hope you all have a great week, oh and good luck with the giveaway...cya  xx
Oh and spread the word about the giveaway...


  1. love your BOM...very pretty!
    still waiting for my SSCS to arrive, fingers crossed soon
    and I think 1 or 3....thanks

  2. love you new xmas decoration and boy that quilt is gorgeous i hope to make that one day also..
    If i was lucky enough to win i choose no 2 and then my next choice would be no 1,and i am a happy follower Sandi.xx

  3. Love your BOM. My SSCS arrived which was great. Now I would like 1 or 2

  4. Good job on your Flimsy! It looks great!
    If I were a winner, number 1 or 2.... I have number 3, and 4 doesn't look like my cup of tea either LOL

  5. Love your BOM!
    Lovely gifts for your give away!
    Since I'm not in Australia I won't even tell you my favorite is no. 1! LOL

  6. Wow! Your quilt top has come together so well! Hope your mojo comes back soon! I think number 4 or number 2 for me.

  7. Love the quilt top, and such a cute decoration. I think I like no 3 and 2 - actually in either order.

  8. Fantastic job getting your top done. Your parcel looks wonderful. Nice to have a giftie under the tree just for you. I love 1-3 in any order. Thank you for your generosity x

  9. Well I think any gift would be great except for no. 4......... lol
    your quilt looks terrific.