Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Big Day Out

Warning -The following blog contains no sewing or stitching or crafting...just lotsa photos of my youngest daughter and my grandson...so I will not mind if you wish to skip reading todays story..

Yesterday I took my daughter and grandson for a shopping expedition...while walking around we found this..
 It's a huge snowglobe that you can walk into and play in the snow (well not quite snow), it was hard to get a photo through the wall of the dome but you get the idea.
 He absolutely loved it...They kept picking up the fake snow and throwing it everywhere...what a great idea. 

 Imagine if you could keep your loved ones in snowglobes...at least the house would stay clean..lol
 Then it was off to the movies...this was his first time to the - Big Tv - so I wasn't sure how he was going to handle it..
We saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2...
 All set and waiting for the movie to start..
He behaved himself relatively well...the theatre was pretty empty so no one seemed to mind when he wanted to walk around the seats...thank heavens we were in a kids movie..

Later that night we went for a walk to a home that had been decorated for Christmas..fortunately it was not to far from where he lives..
 This place was decorated everywhere...it was set up so you could walk around the front yard and even look inside their windows (a bit of voyeurism goes on here)..
This is a photo of what I can only presume as being in their spare bedroom..I know its not a good photo - so hard taking photos with all the lights and through glass windows, and yes I did feel a bit like a peeping tom - taking photos while peering in someones windows..
 Here is a photo of the lounge room.  I fell in love with these three snowmen sitting in an umbrella.  You cant see it properly but at the top of the umbrella handle water sprays down on them like rain.
 Here is another part of the lounge room...
The top part of the front yard..   I think I saw three train sets - one outside and two inside..
 Looking at the garage,  inside the gargage there is a sled that you can sit in and take a photo.  We tried this out but unfortunately my camera didn't like all the lights in there and the photos kept coming out blurry..

Some people go to so much effort at Christmas time but the looks on the kids faces, and the adults come to think of it, is - as you would say - Priceless..
One the way home we called in to see the monuments that have been erected at Logan Village.
I have seen these while driving past but never stopped to actually see them up close and personal.
They are kinda like those lamps you can buy that change colour while you watch them..so these monuments kept changing colour...unfortunately to see the pretty colour means you cannot read the labels but we did manage to read a couple...they are all of local people that use to live in the area.
And I can tell you - it is a bit eerie standing beside these imagining that they were once standing in this very spot themselves, kinda like ghosts.   They are all lifesize and you can walk around them.
Here is a couple of photos...

I am keen to go back and read the labels properly, instead of by phone lighting...for anyone that doesn't know Logan Village very well then imagine a tiny town with one pub, a couple of shops and being surrounded by bush and that's what this place looks like.  So it is weird - but nice - to have these ghosts just standing there, in the park, watching over the locals..
I was very impressed and would recommend anyone to just take the time and stop and have a look...
Ok that's it for me, I did say it was a big day and I have lots to do today too...so I will catchya all later. 


  1. thankyou sandi for sharing your pics,love the snow globe,what a great idea.,and that house is awesome,what a show for the kiddies and i have never seen anything like that park,amazing what people think up.xx

  2. Beautiful photos. Is it not just pricess to see this time of year through the eyes of a young child. I love it. hugs

  3. Love the photos Sandi. What a great day. Where did you go to find the snowglobe? What a brilliant idea xx