Thursday, 21 November 2013

OK Who Stole It?

I have noticed something happening lately, just a hint here and there, but today it was just too noticeable to ignore....
I have been doing a little sewing lately and I am sure today my MOJO has just up and run away...I have looked and looked and I just cant find it...Even as I sew I can feel the anticipation of finishing a project just not there...what is wrong with me.....did someone steal it, did I lose it, did it just get up and walk away or is it on vacation...I am not sure but I hope once it is finished doing whatever it is it is doing - it will come back all energised and raring to go...
If you see it in its travels, please say hello, maybe give it a little pat and just maybe it will come back to me quickly...
Anyhow this is what I have been working on...
A mug rug -
I have also been piecing together my Homespun BOM - It's Time For Christmas..I still have the borders to add, then I can quilt it (that's if my MOJO gets back to me)...
 A couple of close ups...

Well that's it for me....hope all is well in


  1. Oh Sandi such beautiful work you have done,hope your mojo comes back soon.xx

  2. I adore your mug rug. Love hexagons. I do hope you find your mojo

  3. Maybe mine is with yours, and they are hiding from us, thinking it is funny. Well, it is not!!! Come back Mojos, we have stuff to do.
    Your Christmas quilt looks gorgeous, and love the mug rug too.

  4. Oh no another case of Mojo-AWOL!! Doesn't it hit at the worst possible time?! Just potter with what you can Sandi, it will return... otherwise there is always the 'search party' option... x

  5. I think Helen has stolen yours and mine! Don't worry it always comes back. Love your quilt and your mug rug Sandi. x

  6. Who me ?????? I don't think so, mine has been popping in an out looking for yours I think.

  7. Gorgeous quilt and mug rug.....I am sure your mojo is lurking somewhere close..

  8. Hello Sandi,
    I haven't your e.mail addr., but just want to say thank you for the parcel I received yesterday!
    You'll hear more from me later.