Friday, 23 August 2013

A Couple of Finished Blocks

As you may recall, I have been working on a BOM - Harvest Festival, and in the last couple of
months have fallen behind due to lack of on Tuesday I had the chance to do a little catching up...Here are the next four blocks for this quilt...getting excited now...only two more months to go..

I have also completed my first "Greeting Cards" by Marg Low...I didn't have a spare Theodora
Cleave button on hand so improvised with this star button...I used scraps from my stash for this project and I plan on making heaps more, they are very easy to do..
Front view..

Inside View... it has a little pocket to put a gift card in or a small pressy - earings or buttons..etc.

Does this happen to anyone else...where has my cutting mat gone...I tend to get a bit messy when
I get creative, looks like its time to tidy up...and yes it is organised mess - I know exactly where everything is - at least I think I do and that is the important thing...
Why cant I keep it nice and tidy - I have heaps of boxes and draws and shelves but it always ends
up looking like, well actually, my 12 year olds room....maybe its contagious.

My desk....yep heaps of room to work here...NOT.
I am not going to show you the shelves above my desk because that will just amplify the fact
that I do have heaps of storage boxes and space....
Maybe creative people are messy and its not just me...I like to think that I cant have everything, and if
its a choice between being creative or being tidy then I will have to choose being creative...whats your sewing area like? Am I alone with this affliction?
Well I have to end now...blogger is being a pain and wont let me go past this last photo..
cya all later..(maybe when I do a little tidying up - Nah - who am I kidding)


  1. Gorgeous applique and projects! I just love the Harvest bom. I can relate totally to the creative mess - my sewing area looks like a whirlwind has been through!!

  2. gorgeous blocks Sandi and love the idea with the card holder,well done.xx

  3. oh that looks like my room! Love your applique blocks!

  4. Beautiful Blocks and Yes Creative People do make Mess!

  5. I'm so looking forward to seeing the Harvest BOM finished, its beautiful. Love the cards too.

    I haven't got a mess like that so that must make me very boring or unproductive hey..... LOL


  6. lol Hi Sandi, yep, my sewing shed looks like that!! Worse. Love your projects and stitcheries, they're gorgeous.
    Cheers, Anita.