Sunday, 16 June 2013

12 Months of Christmas Finishes and some other things....

Well I have finally caught up with the stitch-a-long I am involved in...
I have finished the two Reindeer Table runners...

And the Christmas Tree Skirt is finally quilted.

I have free-motioned stars all over the skirt to quilt it...

My grandson had other ideas about what it was for....

And still wearing it...

And there it goes.....I think it is time I make him a super hero cape, don't you..

Now for some non stitching stuff....On the weekend my daughter, hubby and myself visited Hervey Bay and while there we tried our hand at some fishing...try being the ultimate word for
Anyhow hubby put new fishing line on Amelia's and my fishing rods...can you see what colour it is...
Yep that's right - its pink...while I was in the local fabric shop - Dew Drop In (great shop by the way), hubby was across the road buying pink fishing line to surprise us with.  Maybe he has been hanging around too many quilt shops with

Yesterday we bought some little ducklings to entertain the kids and us old folk too..
Hudson thought they were great..

Now for the Tuesday Girls...we have been a little small in number lately.  One of the girls is jet setting overseas (I think she could have still made it back for Tuesdays sewing), and the other two have had appointments they couldn't get out of, that leaves only three of us - Myself, Norreen and Helen. 
 Helen was working on a pincushion that she bought at the show earlier this year...if you listen closely you will hear the words coming out of her mouth while making this little project, I know it looks like she is blowing it a kiss but the opposite would be more accurate...It was giving her problems and she was not

Norreen pretended not to hear Helen's colourful language and just smiled and got on with her sewing...

I wonder if it has been finished yet..
Alright that's all for today....catchya all later...


  1. They're great finishes, they look fab.
    What are you really supposed to use a
    tree skirt for?.....super hero costume
    of course!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. those table runners look awesome Sandi and yep time to make Hudson a super hero cape,lol,think Helen was going through sugar withdrawal,cant believe she was swearing,lol.xx

  3. Oh that Hudson is so very cute and he looks great in the tree skirt..... goodo another project for your list, cape for Hudson hahahaha.

    Great table runners and I will have the red one thank you.


  4. Lovely Christmas things and yes you definitely need to make your grandson a cape. Hugs.....

  5. Love the cape...looks like Hudson is having lots of fun!

    love those table runners too!