Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Tuesday Girls

There were only three of us today, seeing as two had prior appointments and one is galavanting around Tasmania at the moment, but that was enough to keep the laughs rolling on all day..
I took some show and tell today - a table runner made with a little jellyroll I was given at christmas time by Tereasa (one of the Tuesday Girls).  I didnt know it at the time but Laurel had done a table runner with her jellyroll too.  Talk about freaky - neither of us had mentioned these jellyrolls since receiving them and yet we both made table runners in the same week...
Norreen was elected to take a photo of us with our table runners...as you can see, she needs a little practice using my camera...more laughs...

Alot of photos later and lots and lots of laughs and we finally had a photo we could all agree on..
My jaw was aching by the time this photo was taken.

Laurel was very nice to us today and had done some baking before we arrived...we love it when Laurel bakes...Carrot and Pecan Muffins...yum...

As usual it was a great day and we even managed to get some stitching done...we all worked on the first block for "Time For Christmas" that is in the latest Homespun magazine.  No photos as of yet but they will follow...
Now for something a little different - we have many fruit trees planted in our garden and although we get some fruit from them they are not very mature yet, but this is the first time we have harvested pineapple - two at that...
They were something we popped into a pot years ago, losing the first fruit from it to ants, so this time we were more observant and it has paid off...two perfect deliciously sweet pineapples...yum..

Well thats it for today, hope all is well in blogland with everyone...catchya later.


  1. lovely post Sandi,its great seeing you all having so much fun.xx

  2. Well done girlls, your table runners look great.

  3. The table runners look great Sandi, so do those muffins. Hugs....

  4. Wow those tablerunners look great, well done girls. Miss you girls and all our laughing...don't do much of that with Gav hehehe.