Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hudson's 1st Birthday

My darling grandson turns one today, where has the year gone....
Here he is posing for the camera...

Here he looks very well behaved but he does have that cheeky streak hiding somewhere...

Playing with some pressies....I like this book nan...

But I will be ok standing on the table..honest

Mum is keeping an eye on me... I dont know if you can see it or not but he has a bruise above and to the right of his eye....this cheeky little boy likes to climb and his mother found him yesterday standing ontop of the desk (he had to climb the swivel chair to get there), so he could reach the ironing board to play with the iron...of course before she could get to him he had fallen with the iron hitting him in the head...he gave her such a fright and with a quick trip to the doctors to find out he was fine, and keen to do it again...I think he may need some bricks tied around his ankles to slow him down...This wasn't the first piece of furniture he has climbed and I doubt it will be the last....

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Sweetheart....
He is having a birthday party for family and friends on the weekend so I am sure I will have more photos to put up....cya


  1. what a cutie Sandi he has the most beautiful eyes,happy birthday Hudson,hope you had a great day.xx

  2. Oh Sandi he is a sweetie, and so His Mum will need eyes in the back of her head!!

  3. What a gorgeous little man, can't believe he is one already.

  4. Wow how fast did that year go Sandi, he is the cutest little fellow.....Happy Birthday to Hudson.