Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happy Birthday Tess And Cassies

We had a double celebration on Tuesday with the birthdays of Tereasa and Cassie (aka Teresa). You may have noticed that I refer to one of the Teresa's as Cassie and I am sorry if I confuse anyone but when you have two members of a small group with the same name and the same birthday, I may add,
it gets very confusing to which one is being refered to.  So last year I started calling one of them Cassie (due to her last name)....
Anyhow on to some photos...This year Cassie is having a special birthday - it's the big  5 0 - you know the one - sometimes refered to as - half a  I can say these things because I am the youngest of the group and 50 to me is miles away...
Cassie on the left and Tereasa on the right...don't they look good.

 This maybe why they are you can see the cake has both their names on it. It is a black forest cake and it was delicious....

Blowing out the candles...come on girls, hurry up...we are

And of course the pressies...this year for the first time we decided to all put in for the gifts..
Cassie with her french/vintage obsession was given this beautiful clock and some ceramic coasters...

And Tereasa has always commented on the fact that she didn't have a nice teapot to bring out when guest come now does that mean she will use this when we are at her place...I

I have a couple of photos to add to this page...they were taken a few weeks ago when we were having
a secret meeting to plan todays events....anyhow I took these photos of the girls and then realised that I couldn't put them on my blog because we were not meant to be together..
So now I can show you..
Norreen (non blogger) is showing us one of here lovely dolls and a beautiful bag that she had recently finished.

Here is our host for the morning (or should I say for the secret hideout)...Laurel was showing us the
lovely items that she had finished...Laurel is a little slow to finish things so she was chuffed when she could show us some items that were completed...

And here is Helen...I think she is praying because this is the reason Laurel does not finish many see Laurel bakes...and sometimes she will even bake something for us...
Today she had made this yummy cheesecake for us.....I will forgive her for not finishing projects (I can be bought quite easily)..

Have you finished praying Helen....can we eat now....

And this is what happens to Helen when you give here tooo much

So as you can see, we are all keeping on track with any healthy eating plans that we may be on...or not...
We have had a wonderful day celebrating birthdays and chatting as usual....not much sewing is getting done though.....oh well, there is always March...bye for now.


  1. happy birthday girls,lol this is such a funny post,love seeing pics of Helen when she is on her sugar high,lol,what a wonderful group you are,keep having fun girls.xx

  2. Lovely post Sandi and great to catch up in person on Sunday. hugs......

  3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. The gifts for the girls look gorgeous, and that yummy cake.....

  4. Great post Sandi and thankyou for a lovely day xx

  5. Looks like you girls had a lovely day together Sandi :)