Sunday, 6 January 2013

What is on the table for 2013

Ok girls, I have just updated my sidebar to show some of the projects I am planning to do this year..

First of all I plan on starting the Farmer's Wife if anyone out their would like to check on how I am going then please feel free to visit my blog...I hope to do at least one block per month (this could take forever but I have other commitments and this will at least get me started).. Maybe I could even pop over to your blog if you are attempting this one too.

Secondly, I have joined Melody's Summertime Stitch-A-Long, so if anyone out there wants to join in then please contact Melody here.. 
I know, I can hear you saying it already, boy is she keen...well I have it on good authority (Melody herself) that there is no deadlines, no pressure, just a casual stitch-a-long..I don't even have to make the whole quilt - I could turn some of my blocks into mini quilts if I wish...I am thinking of doing the black background fabric in cotton and not wool - mental note - still need to buy background
See, how easy does that sound,  and you thought I was nuts, well to tell you the truth I am, but we will keep that between just me and you..

And thirdly,  I am going to start my BOM - Harvest Festival by Jenelle Kent, sent out by Pieces To Treasure...I fell in love with this quilt at the Brisbane Quilt Show in October and knew I just had to have it..
Helen - if you are reading this - I plan on doing this one in the needleturn style...time to put all your
wonderful teaching and tips into practice...hopefully I can make you proud...if not - oh well, tough least I will give it a go...  Sorry I dont have a good photo of this one...

Anyhow girls...this is my plan for this year....along with alot of other sewing (dolls, swaps, gifts, christmas, family, etc, etc) ...and yes I am nuts but I think I cover that fact up enough that no-one will know...
So what is everyone else planning for this year??? there anyone as nuts as I am or am I the only one out there....


  1. wow good luck with all your projects Sandi,lots of big projects on the board for you this year.xx

  2. Good luck with the year ahead. Looks like some fun things on your list. I am so tempted with Mel's quilt.... Ohhh!

  3. Yep I know for a fact that you are nuts lol I know this because...... I am too and one always recognises a fellow nutter. Oh boy you said I had a big list last year well look whos got one now.
    I'm sure you will do me proud with the needleturn.

    Go you good thing