Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Amelia's First Day High School and Jaxon's 18th Birthday

Our youngest daughter started High School today, she was so excited she could have bounced off the walls here until we left...
I had to take a photo or two of her in her uniform...Her brother and his girlfriend and a friend all wanted to take her to school it became kinda a family affair....Wayne had to leave early this morning for work so didn't get to see her off so he rang to wish her luck...

She is looking so grown I will not get nostalgic....5 years and I'm free of the schooling years (my new mantra)
She may have left for school all energised but boy was she tired when she got home...

Now to Jaxon's birthday, you won't believe what these young adults have done today...You may be thinking drinking, smoking, loud music, etc well you would be wrong...
Today he had about 10 friends make it to our house and they have played games, cooked, swam in the pool and played pool and laughed with each has been the tamest 18th party I have ever seen...I have offered several times to pick something up from the pub for them but they have insisted they are fine and are quite happy as they are....It just seems so unnatural to turn 18 and not have at least one drink to mark the occassion. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, its just not what I was expecting..It has been nice seeing Jaxon and his friends be contented with socializing without feeling the need to add alcohol to the mix...very mature, and yes I am feeling very proud at the moment...I especially liked it when they all put their four cents in to make the mince mixture for nachos, oh no sir-ee, all real ingredients here no tin food
Anyhow check out his birthday cake...Baskin Robbins Cookies and Cream Ice-cream Cake...yum
There is a story to add here about this cake...Wayne and I left Jimboomba yesterday and being locals knew the back roads we could take that could get us out of Jimboomba (seeing as most roads were under water)...Anyway we got out and picked this ice-cream cake up (praying the whole time that Baskin Robbins hadn't lost their power and that our order was waiting for us..we turned the air-con up in the car as it was very hot and humid and headed home.  Well the police had closed off the only way back in that we knew we were with an ice-cream cake sitting on my lap and being told to turn around, that our way back was now flooded too...We joked a little about the fact that we wouldn't starve but it was not a nice feeling knowing the kids were the other side of the water and we couldn't get to them...So then the hunt began, I was trying to find someone home that I knew that could accommodate this cake, and Wayne was trying to work out another way back...Several phone calls later and lots of different roads taken we finally found another way back...So when I say that tonight when Jaxon cut his cake, he doesn't realise how close he came to not getting it at all...I think that being all together made that cake more sweeter than it actually was.

Here is Jaxon with one of his mates...Aaron - he shares the same birthday as Jaxon, so Jaxon insisted that he cut the cake too.  So both Jaxon and Aaron had Happy Birthday sung to them and they both blew out the candle and both got to cut the cake...Another proud moment seeing my son insist on sharing his happiness with a friend...
Aaron has been one of the unfortunate people around here that has had no power for three days, so it was good to see him smile on his birthday.

Aaron on the left and Jaxon on the right..
Thats all for now, hopefully I will be able to get back to a more normal life and tomorrow will be able to get some sewing done.


  1. what a lovely story Sandi and yes you have a fine young lad there,i would be very proud of him also,happy birthday jaxon.
    My what a pretty young lady dressed in her high school uniform,they grow up too fast Sandi,you have got a lovely family and glad you had a great day.xx

  2. Such a fabulous post. I feel I know you a lot better now I've heard these stories. You do have a wonderful family

  3. Thanks for sharing your day with us, Sandi. Wonderful to hear such a great story of young teens who don't need alcohol to have a good time:)

  4. Congrats to you Sandi, you have a lovely family and you should be proud.


  5. Congrats to your daughter...down hill run now
    And Happy Birthday to your Son.
    Love the cake :)