Monday, 24 December 2012

White Christmas

Last night we went to White Christmas at Movieworld... I only took a couple of photos because my grandson gave me his cold and being amoungst, what seemed like, a thousand people was not where I wanted to be...but I am here today and survived the experience...
We started the night with an all you can eat buffet meal from Rick's Cafe..the kids threated to stay there for the whole time and not worry about anything else...there was a selection of meats, fish, chicken, baked veges, pastas, salads, fruit platters, variety of breads, and not to mention the
desserts...lots of cakes, yummy plum puddings, trifles, christmas cookies, rum balls - you get the drift...I am refusing to get on any scales this side of
This is a photo of my daughter and grandson waiting in line for the merry-go-round.  The merry-go-round was to the left of him but all he wanted to watch was the roller coaster...I hate to disappoint you Hudson but Nana will go on kiddie rides with you but NOT roller coasters....this is a job for poppy....yeah I know but Nana is a wuss and I like my feet firmly on the ground....

Once he was on the ride he was tickled pink...I couldn't get a great photo of him...he just wont sit still long enough to get oh well - at least he had fun and hopefully forgot about the roller coaster.

Last photo of the family...left to right..James, Mike, Corrina, Jaxon, Ellesha, Keelan, Wayne and in front Hudson and Amelia....

That's it for me....back to bed to get some rest and with any luck I will wake up tomorrow - Christmas Day with no cold....bye all....xx

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  1. merry xmas Sandi to you and your lovely family,hope you are better by tomorrow,take care.xx