Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday Girls Christmas

I am exhausted....too much chatter, food, laughs.
Today we had our christmas party and boy did I score big time...

Helen is definitely in the party mood..maybe too much sugar??... 
As you can see Norreen and Teresa were very well behaved and did get a little stitching done..but I think we are getting a little loud for Mary.


I thought I said to take anything with sugar in it away from Helen..lol
I received some beautiful gifts today..I must have been a very good girl - it does happen occassionally. Honest...
The beautiful Helen gave me a photo album in which she decorated all by herself.  Isn't she a clever
girl...I think I may add the above photo in it. It is so pretty I just want to sit and look at it all the time
and can you see the label - Tuesday Girls...Purrfect..


The first two pages are done with the remainder left for me to do...

Tereasa gave me this lovely stitchery, a gorgeous roll of fabric, a humungeous box of maltesers and a cute little angel..I told you I was a good girl..(quiet Teresa - I can hear you doubting me)..lol

 Teresa must have been sewing in her sleep to get these made for each of us....the  fabric is beautiful and look what was inside..mmm ..This is going on holiday with me but I don't think the contents will make it home....

Norreen gave me this beautiful christmas mug, I plan on making use of this alot over the next couple of weeks...sorry old mug but this one is sentimental and hence is getting top priority.

And Laurel gave me chocolates, lavender soap and a packet of culinary lavender (thoughts of lavender cookies and cupcakes spring to mind when I say those two words - culinary lavender).
The soap is already in my shower begging to be used straight away...

Wow...what a score...I think I have finished with christmas now and can go straight to the new year.
The best thing about today though wasn't the beautiful gifts or the endless supply of over-indulgent
food but that I got to spend the day with some wonderful people...The Tuesday Girls - I hope all their dreams come true and that they have the best christmas ever...Thanks Helen, Terease, Norreen, Laurel, Mary and Teresa for a wonderful day...Catchya later - I can feel the sandman creeping up on me...good night all. 


  1. wow what a wonderful day and gorgeous gifts you got Sandi,lol,Helen is so funny.xx

  2. Wow lots of great goodies there, what a wonderful time you all had!!

  3. It was a great day Sandi. Days spent with you guys are always fun. Your house was the perfect place to celebrate too with all your gorgeous Christmas decorations. Have fun on your holiday xx