Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Little Chef...and Crossing Over To The Dark Side.

I have been sooo slack with posting lately...need more hours in the day...why hasn't anyone invented that yet....I have been doing a little sewing and The Tuesday Girls have crossed over to the dark side for the moment..you see we have started Scrapbooking...yes you heard me correctly....I said Scrapbooking.  I think we have a problem with one addiction after another..and I need another hobby like a hole in the head...but it has been fun and I think we will dabble a bit more in the future.
We did the mistake of visiting a little scrapbooking store in our area...well it was like letting kids loose in a candy store.  The colours of all the pretty papers and the accessories and the stickers and the...and the..I better stop there - getting a little over excited..
Well we all came out a little poorer (some a lot poorer than others) but with some lovely bits and pieces...
Somewhere along the way we decided that we just had to have draws for our desks..and of course that is what started all this off..I think we should be going to C.A meetings (crafters annonymous) instead.
So over the past few weeks we have been tinkering with our draws...this is how mine looks.
I have filled all the draws already and now I am thinking I need more...C.A. here I come....

Here is the side view..

And the top view...


I did get a little sewing done...as hinted in my heading...I have made another doll..this time a boy doll..my very first boy doll...he kinda reminds me of my wonderful husband...with his mustache, and his blue eyes..sorry about the photo being a bit dark...

A close up of his face...

Anyway thats all for todays blog.. The Tuesday Girls are heading to the Brisbane Craft and Stitches Fair at Southbank on Thursday, so I am sure I will have plenty of goodies to put up afterwards..and for those who don't know...the Craft Fair is a place where alot of C.A (crafters annonymous) hang out...lol  cya


  1. You are so talented. Your boy dolly is fabulous, great job painting his face.

  2. Beautiful draws...Thursday might be a big day then. Better take a big bag. Lol. I have been sorely tempted but so far resisted. My best friend is a mad card maker so it's been hard. Glad you are having fun...cute boy doll.

  3. wow Sandi you are so very clever,i just love both your projects so much,well done.xx

  4. Hi Sandi, those drawers are lovely, you will have fun filling them with scrapbooking goodies now, ha ha... Have a great time at the Craft Fair

  5. I love those drawers, so pretty!
    and the chef doll is awesome too, clever lady!