Monday, 10 September 2012

Matching Mug Bag

I have finished the matching bag to go with my sewing case made earlier...
With a little help from the Tuesday Girls, I was able to adapt the pattern of the sewing case to make it into a bag instead...thank heavens they did this prior to always helps to study someone elses design...
Instead of making a pincushion and needlecase for the inside, I just put in pockets...and then added the side pieces...

Now for some non stitching stuff....I had a lovely day last week meeting up with some friends, having lunch and going to the  movies...
This is us at one of those sushi train places...never been before so it was very interesting...we kept laughing about how one of us was going to cause a traffic jam at out table and all the plates would fall on our table...Below is Chrissy and can tell by the look on my face that I have just worked out that they did deserts too...

And here is Lynne and yours truly  I would like to add that she is sitting and I am standing...I am usually vertically challenged...

Ok now they are getting annoyed with me...Food First....golden rule of

After a very satisfying meal we trotted off to the movies...mmm now what shall we watch..
HOPE SPRINGS was the chosen film..and what a film it was....I have never been a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones..I could give or take him but after seeing this movie I think he is fantastic..
The girls and myself laughed most of the movie, I will mention that there were only five people in the cinema so we kinda felt a bit empowered to laugh and chat a bit, escpecially when the lady behind us started laughing and chatting with us...Its a brilliant film..nice to see real actors and actresses without botox and surgery...I think I may have to see this film again...and girls it's a good one for hubbys too, just dont tell them its a chick flick...when they ask who is in it - be vague - and just mention the guy from Men In Black...that should make it easier to get them to go with

I am thinking outaloud here, but I am a little bored with the term - Tuesdays girls...I think we need a name for our group....any suggestions???
Anyhow thats all for now..cya


  1. lovely post Sandi, a good name i think would be the chatterbox girls,sounds like a good movie,might have to go with my sister.xx

  2. Love your matching set. Can't wait to see that movie. I love a movie with friends.

  3. Those mug bags are just beautiful Sandi and look even better in real life.
    Hugs Khris

  4. Saw that movie with my hubby, and surprise, he suggested it. About 6 people in the theatre the day we went too. We had a good laugh as well. Good luck with choosing a name for your group.Hugs....