Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Been There, Done That, Better Not Do It Again..

Today our sewing group consisted of only three people, Helen, Tereasa and was just one of those days where the other girls had things on...anyway...during the day we somehow got onto the subject of the Ad that had been playing on TV with regards to the French Pancakes that were available at the Coffee Club..well conversations like that just add fuel to the fire...The next thing you know is we are all heading down to our local Coffee Club to try them out...OMG such a huge dessert.  We really tried to do it justice but it was too much for each of us..I think I ate the most, someone has to take one for the
This is what they looked like when they came out...oh and by the way, I didn't get a photo of the extra scoop of ice-cream that each of us just had to add to it...

This is what mine looked like when I just couldn't possibly fit another bite in...I think I did a pretty good job, don't 

I think this kind of behaviour could become addictive....and yes we did get a little sewing done mixed in with a whole lot of laughing....I am so glad that you dont get kicked out of anywhere for laughing too much...Now what to do today...cheers.


  1. lol what a wonderful thing to do and look how much fun you had and boy they do look yummy and good on you for taking one for the team,lol.xx