Monday, 13 November 2017

Warwick Retreat

Last Monday had The Tuesday Girls and three friends headed off for our annual retreat at Warwick.
I had secretly planned something extra special for the girls this time, but it was all secret squirrel stuff, so I will get back to this later..
On the way out to Warwick, Teresa (my travel buddy) and I thought we would stop off at Aratula to check out the renovated Fruit shop.   This turned out to be a lovely surprise as they have now included a coffee shop inside - mental note - we will stop off here on the way back with the girls..
I did buy a couple of things though... peach jam, mustard pickles and corn that you pop straight into the microwave to make popcorn..

We started off our retreat with morning tea in the Patchwork shop - yummy homemade scones with real cream and jam and a lovely cuppa in gorgeous teacups..
After a quick look around the shop we settled into our cabins and the sewing room..
My first project was a Christmas bunting panel that I found stashed away amongst my fabric.  I had forgotten I had bought it from The Quilter's Store ages ago.  It was so easy to put together and I am glad that I can say that I finished something while away..  I think I have earned a bit of a rest

I had so much stuff packed in my car on the trip out to Warwick, I thought for sure someone was going to comment on me bringing my whole sewing room with me, but in fact, I had brought along a surprise for the girls..
Tuesday morning came and I was up before the sparrows - I quietly crept into the shower, got dressed, grabbed my large suitcase and the keys and snuck out.. I thought for sure I was going to wake my room buddies - Helen and Norreen, but no, they kept on sleeping..  I went over to the sewing room to set up the room..  The table was decorated with Christmas table runner, tree, decorations, pressies, bon bons and candy canes etc..
 It took me a little longer than anticipated to have it all set up but managed it within an hour.. I then crept back to my cabin, snuck back inside, put my pj's back on and climbed back into bed..  Mission accomplished - I think I would make a great spy..hehehe
Now I do love an advent calendar, so what would Christmas be without one.  I had an empty Bodyshop Advent box set from last year, and thought I would decorate it and put surprises in for them.. Trying to complete and advent in one day meant I had to do all 24 days in one day.
Mmmm - six openings at a time for four times during the day should do it..
These are the 'lucky' tags I had made - each one was wrapped in a heart shape bit of paper, tied with string and placed in a box for 'lucky dip' for the advent..
The recycled advent box.
Morning tea came and a trip into one of our favourite cafes was on the cards - Warwick Garden Centre.. how fitting as they had Christmas decorations out.. perfect - couldn't have planned it better if I tried..

 I think this TV is my favourite - it was full size and I do really think it would look great at my place... maybe next year..
Lunch was yummy, as usual...  I think mine was called The Rustic Stack..

Afterwards I took a stroll outside while the girls checked out the gifts.. I love their new displays..
First of all I ventured into the greenhouse - made with gorgeous old windows, painted with the stressed white look.. I wouldn't mind this at home..

Then I saw this rustic display - oh I think I'm in love with these displays... mental note - take lots of photos to show hubby..
This is the chicken coop - I couldn't get a photo but their are silkie hens inside..
 Old rusty gates to add to the appeal... a scarecrow and weather vane...
 Pot plants and rusty items here and there..
 Birdhouses on the gatepost. 
 Wooden ducks with metal rusty heads peaking out of the fences..  Oh this place is perfect... I'm in heaven...
After lunch, we all went into the main street for a little shopping at some of our favourite shops.. 
Now back at the retreat it was time for a little more sewing and a couple more advent boxes to be opened, and a little challenge to be completed..
I had provided each of the girls with two squares of felt, a circle template and some stuffing.  With this they were to make an ornament for our tree using bits and pieces from a box that I had filled with lace, ribbon, beads etc for them to rummage through. 
I don't know what I was expecting but they all did a fabulous job.. check these out..  Well done girls..
So glad I didn't offer a prize for the best one because there is no way I could have chosen one over the other..

Late afternoon came and it was time for nibblies and drinks..  Susan made her delicious stuffed camembert cheese wrapped in pastry and cauliflower muffins.. I have just searched and can not find one photo of these so might have to steal one later off the other girls when I can.. oh well.. I did find one of our cocktail though (priorities I
Here is a photo of their gifts ..

Now it was time for some games..  First game - Threading popcorn - I don't think I have laughed so much in my life - I don't think I thought too much about the popcorn except that it was for the game but somehow the girls were eating it while threading it - both at the same

Now it was time for the - suck the M&M up with a straw and put it in a glass..  Hehehe.. So much laughing and yet lots of concentration going on all at the same time..
 It's ok Noela, no one is going to take them away from
Our last game was done with a 'Melbourne cup' theme..  We had our own races with some wind-up Christmas characters..  OMG - how funny...
Here are our champions, all lined up...
 It was very hard to get a photo that wasn't blurry due to all the laughter and moving

Our Christmas day must come to an end - so much laughter, all the prizes have been won, the gifts opened, food eaten.etc.  Such a fabulous day - I don't know who had the most fun - the girls going along with my planned day or me for the joy I got out of it by doing it for the girls..  mmm I'm feeling very contented at the moment... life is great..
The girls were very industrious over the week and here are some of their projects they were working on..  I will be quick as I have to finish up and  go.. I don't think I have all the project photos but here are a few..
 Teresa and myself....
Susan did some secret sewing so I don't have any photo's of her projects...
Teresa bought me this gorgeous tag... I cant wait to put it on my tree this year...actually, I think I will hang it somewhere all year round... too cute to put away... Thanks Cassie..
Some of the girls made a delicious fruit salad on one of the days - soooo yummy..  thanks girls.

 Finally retreat is over for another year and we did stop on the way home at that café/fruit shop in Aratula..and I did have a slice of cheesecake with my tea..  oh boy, what a way to end a fabulous retreat..  I think I will sleep for a week when I get back..
Long post but it has finally come to an end - had such a terrific time with these girls and I'm glad I could have had the privilege of making this retreat something a little more special for them..
Love you guys


  1. Oh Sandy what a wonderful retreat . Sew much fun ..You did make it special for the girls. Great outings ,food and you all managed to get some sewing done too.....

  2. Hi Sandi wow what great pics of such a fun time,it's great seeing you girls have so much fun,love that you surprised the girls that was an awesome idea.
    Great show and tell from the girls,wonderful projects,hope you have a wonderful day my friend 💋

  3. looks like a fabulous time and well done for putting on a very special day.... a great surprise for everyone

  4. What a fabulous fun time you made for the girls...... Maybe next time.....

  5. What a fantastic time you've had! And all the Christmas things and games! Wow :)


  6. It was a wonderful few days - thanks Sandi...again