Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Tuesday Girl's

Our gathering today was at Norreen's place and we did manage to get a little bit of stitching done, but only a little bit..
We headed down to the local cafĂ© for morning tea..  yummm..
 Norreen has been working on her bag and brought it out to show us her progress..
Helen spent the day stitching a block from The Simple Life book... 
I did do a little stitching but I will get to that soon, first I want to talk about this book.
The Tuesday Girls have decided to do a stitch-a-long and the chosen quilt is from this book - Living The Dream, by Leanne Beasley.  It was printed several years ago but it seems there are quite a few people with it sitting on their shelves - and have not started the quilt.  The quilts is called Ruth's Quilt.
I thought it would be nice to add the personal touch to this quilt by adding a block aptly named - the Tuesday girls.  So after a little designing, I came up with this block - the four hearts representing the four Tuesday Girls..  I gave each of the girls one to add to their quilt if they wish to do so..
A couple of the guest stitch-a-longers are going to add a personal block or two of their own...but I'm sure there will be more of this later..
This is my 'little bit of stitching' for today..my first block for our stitch-a-long... 
 I cannot remember when - probable last year or something, but I never got around to finishing the Splendid Sampler quilt that I had started.  So every now and then I do a couple more blocks and then I feel I can ignore it for - oh I don't know - another year maybe...lol
Here are the last ones I have done..
I have no idea why it wont let me turn this photo so it will just have to stay this way..
 A couple more Splendid blocks...
That's all today..
Stay safe everyone..


  1. Hi Sandi,lovely post,love both the bags that Norrs and Helen are working on and your splendid sampler blocks look fantastic,well done xx

  2. How nice that you girls can spend time together .
    Delicious food and great projects yours are working on.

  3. Lovely to meet you this morning. Love the colours of your Splendid Sampler. xx