Thursday, 31 August 2017

No Fuss Stitch-a-long

I am doing a stitch-a-long with quite a few talented ladies and thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of my stitcheries on my blog as well as on the official site..
  Seems quite a few of us have been in the same boat with always wanting to do this quilt but alas, life gets in the way (or should I say - other projects)..  I have loved seeing the photo's of fabrics others girls have chosen and seeing some of their started stitcheries.  This is going to be sooooo cool - I can't wait to see how they all look when finished...
I have decided to do mine in the new tilda range (I confess - this is in my stash) and with variegated thread.  I don't usually use bright fabrics but lately have been pushing my boundaries with trying new colour ranges and I definitely am one of those oddballs that don't like using variegated thread.  I find when I use this type of thread, that all I want to do is chop it up into bundles of dark, medium and light colours.  This, of course, defeats the purpose of having a variegated  oh well,  lets see how I go..
Here are my fabrics..
On Tuesday I completed the fourth of my stitcheries (no order, just which ever I pick up next)..
Keep up the good work girls - they are all going to look great...
If you want to visit the official site then go here ...


  1. Those fabrics are sew pretty Sandi. Your stitching in the variegated thread is looking great.

  2. Very pretty fabrics ...great start ❤️

  3. I love the fabrics you have chosen, Sandi. Cute stitchery.

  4. looking good...I'm yet to start, but I do have my book now, so I suppose that's a start?

  5. LOL - I do that with variegated threads too - but mainly with words.
    I'm glad you (all) started the group...but its too easy to be miles ahead

  6. Love the brights you have chosen. Methinks I might need some of that bluebird Tilda.