Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's Day

As you can tell by the photo's - I was not expecting the kids to turn up in the morning to wish me Mother's Day...  I don't usually have photo's taken in my Pj's but seeing as they were there I will just have to make an exception this time...  lol

 We had dozens of photos taken but someone either had their eyes closed, or were looking away, and as for the grandkids - the eldest one is running around somewhere and the youngest doesn't want to be part of any boring photo's  Welcome to our family....  I love them heaps...
 Pressies - a new plant for the garden - lovely lavender...
 Pretty new blue teapot..and yummy new tea..
 New Pj's and some lovely scented hand cream and sponge..  Feeling just a bit spoilt - but best pressy of all - seeing the kids...I love those moments the best...
Happy Mother's day all..

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