Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Happy Mail - or is it???

When I came home from stitching, I found this parcel in the mailbox addressed to me..  I hadn't ordered anything but it definitely had my name on the front...
The sender, however, was a Sofia from Jimboomba.  I could not place her or the name as hard as I tried..  Oh well - maybe inside will help solve the mystery..
 Inside I found this - signed from Dorothy and Sofia - I just burst into laughing - I should have made the connection earlier..  You see, The Tuesday Girls have been compared previously to The Golden Girls.  I'm Blanche, Nor is Rose, Helen is Sofia and, well even though its not a great match, Teresa is Dorothy.. so I should have known..  Cheeky girls..
 Inside I found - a damn it doll, scraps from some cards I had made the Tuesday previous, an empty teabag packet, crumbs from morning tea (banana bread), scraps from what the girls were working on and some threads...  lol   Apparently I had been complaining that it had been a while since I had received any happy mail and they thought it would be great to rectify this problem..
How could anyone go wrong with friends like these one.  Love you girls...made my day..
ps.. I will try to not complain any more (but then again - it was fun getting this surprise)..
Oh and here is a photo of the cards I had made..

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