Saturday, 6 May 2017

A Little Sewing.

You see - I do sew - you might not think this, but I do.. 
I bought this stitchery from Annie's Quilt Store in New Zealand.. there are three little wall hangings to this pattern and this was the first one that I have finished..
A Closer shot..
Closer again... (just proving my point that I do sew, on

I haven't added many photo's of Maci lately, and after going through my camera, I found these two which I thought I would share with you..
 Our youngest daughter refers to Maci as being - The Chosen One...    I don't know about that but I do think she is cute...
That's all folks..

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  1. Sandi, Maci is so beautiful. That little face would definitely melt hearts. Annie's Store down South In Twizel is lovely isn't it. That's such a great pattern, I love it.