Saturday, 20 May 2017

L.E.A.F Expo

The Logan Eco Action Festival...  I have always had this one on my radar, but each year we always seem to have other things on.  This year I made sure we left this date free.  As soon as we arrived we bumped into this hairy
Costa was lovely and what you see on TV is what he is like in real life.  Bonus!!
 Molly and Amelia loved this floral space, so I took a few photo's of them..

 Some henna bat skin paintings for the girls...
 Wayne and I took in the - jam making lecture with Valerie Pearson of Green Living Australia..  I have been to one of her lectures before on cheese making, so knew it would be good.
It was about making Jam with less sugar than you would do normally.  We were so hooked that we bought a kit and the book. 
Great day..
Will go to this again next year..

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Date Night

Date night with Hubby, waiting for the movie to start... He is definitely my partner in crime...

Love ya

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Happy Mail - or is it???

When I came home from stitching, I found this parcel in the mailbox addressed to me..  I hadn't ordered anything but it definitely had my name on the front...
The sender, however, was a Sofia from Jimboomba.  I could not place her or the name as hard as I tried..  Oh well - maybe inside will help solve the mystery..
 Inside I found this - signed from Dorothy and Sofia - I just burst into laughing - I should have made the connection earlier..  You see, The Tuesday Girls have been compared previously to The Golden Girls.  I'm Blanche, Nor is Rose, Helen is Sofia and, well even though its not a great match, Teresa is Dorothy.. so I should have known..  Cheeky girls..
 Inside I found - a damn it doll, scraps from some cards I had made the Tuesday previous, an empty teabag packet, crumbs from morning tea (banana bread), scraps from what the girls were working on and some threads...  lol   Apparently I had been complaining that it had been a while since I had received any happy mail and they thought it would be great to rectify this problem..
How could anyone go wrong with friends like these one.  Love you girls...made my day..
ps.. I will try to not complain any more (but then again - it was fun getting this surprise)..
Oh and here is a photo of the cards I had made..

The Tuesday Girls

Stitching today was at Helen's place and for morning tea we decided to warm ourselves on the patio..
It was lovely warming up outside. 
 Trying to do a selfie...

 I was working on a pretty Hatched and Patched pincushion that Helen had given me from her last road trip with hubby... 
Great day... thanks girls..

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's Day

As you can tell by the photo's - I was not expecting the kids to turn up in the morning to wish me Mother's Day...  I don't usually have photo's taken in my Pj's but seeing as they were there I will just have to make an exception this time...  lol

 We had dozens of photos taken but someone either had their eyes closed, or were looking away, and as for the grandkids - the eldest one is running around somewhere and the youngest doesn't want to be part of any boring photo's  Welcome to our family....  I love them heaps...
 Pressies - a new plant for the garden - lovely lavender...
 Pretty new blue teapot..and yummy new tea..
 New Pj's and some lovely scented hand cream and sponge..  Feeling just a bit spoilt - but best pressy of all - seeing the kids...I love those moments the best...
Happy Mother's day all..

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Amelia's Formal

I warn you all now - lots of formal photo's - couldn't help myself..
The girls are gorgeous...Molly, Amelia and Riley..

 Amelia chose a golden leaf and pearl headband..
 Amelia and Riley..
 Still not too sure about this one growing up -  she is my youngest...
Photo time with Wayne and myself..
 Amelia's date for the formal was Bailey, and didn't he scrub up alright..  What a gentleman...definitely a thumbs up from us..
 After giving Amelia a corsage, Bailey surprised her with another gift which he had hidden in his pocket..  Bailey had asked Amelia previously if she would prefer an artificial corsage or a real one.  After discussing this with us, she decided on the artificial one so she could keep it as a keepsake..
 Anyhow, Bailey decided to give her a real corsage afterall and as for the keepsake - he gave her a gorgeous bracelet - photo's of it later down the page..  How sweet is he...definitely a keeper...
 Ok - lots of photos...
 Placing the bracelet on her wrist..
 Ok, still doing it up - stay still Amelia...
 Nearly there...
 Yayyy  - done..
 Awww - pretty couple...

 I have to add a photo of the car that he hired for the night - BMW convertible...

 Ok now the photo's of the corsage and the bracelet..   soooo pretty - white roses....
 I am glad he chose the real flowers - it is stunning...
 Amelia and her dad....
 Amelia and her mum - me...
 Amelia and Michaela, our youngest sons partner and also Amelia's god-mother.  Michaela takes her job very seriously and gave Bailey the "talking to" about looking after her  poor Bailey..
 Let see - here we have - Riley, Amelia, Molly, Sofia and Luke..
 Amelia relaxing before heading off to the venue.. 
What a fabulous Formal - gorgeous dresses, handsome beaus, pretty cars, beautiful friends...
Love you Amelia - heaps... xxx