Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Norreen's Birthday Road Trip..

We wouldn't be The Tuesday Girl's if we didn't celebrate a birthday without a tiara and a road trip..  This time it was our lovely Nor's birthday and yes, she got a tiara and a road trip..
First we did the presents - wearing her tiara of course...
 I think she looks rather at home with her tiara on - I think she should wear one more often..
 We headed towards Fifi's Fabricology at the GoldCoast, but first a little refreshments to make sure we had the stamina for some serious shopping..
 Walking around the shop - I have just realised that Miss Teresa is not in any of the photo's as she was taking them..  Next time we will fix this..
 Is that Miss Helen??
We did some shopping and then headed to another destination for lunch - all that shopping is such hard work - we needed more fueling. I don't have any more photo's of today but it was another fabulous day with some of the best girls ever...  Happy Birthday Nor..hope you had a great day..
Love ya heaps..

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