Tuesday, 25 April 2017

James turns 25

James has always been one of my kids with a more unique personalities and for his birthday, he made an interesting choice of how he would like to celebrate it. 
He is the one that hates vegetables with a passion, so it was no surprise when he chose a Korean BBQ Restaurant because they are big on meat and small on vegies...lol
 In case you are unfamiliar with this kind of restaurant - you go to a food table, choose your raw meat, then you take your selection back to your table where cook it on the BBQ plates in the middle of your table..  To a meat lover - this is unreal - the men in our party took it all in their stride and devoured everything they could find..  lol  

 James ordered a cocktail - doesn't this look delicious -
 I think he is very please with himself...
 Not a great photo but I don't often get a photo with this one so I am going to add it anyway..
Happy Birthday James.  Hope you have had a great birthday...Love you heaps..

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