Friday, 28 April 2017

Pre Formal Try-outs..

Amelia's Formal is coming up and so we headed to the older sister's place to try some of her outfits on, practice hair styles, and play make-up... This was not the chosen dress but I thought she looked gorgeous and wanted to add them to my blog..

My gorgeous girl, growing up "way" too fast - I want you to stop it, you hear - no more growing up ...
My youngest daughter and my eldest daughter have a gap of 12 years between them and are relatively the same height, but when the youngest trialled the eldests high heels on - the height difference became extreme..  lol  - Love this photo..
And - yes - those heels were very high...  (mmm I remember those days when I could wear shoes like this, oh well..)

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

James turns 25

James has always been one of my kids with a more unique personalities and for his birthday, he made an interesting choice of how he would like to celebrate it. 
He is the one that hates vegetables with a passion, so it was no surprise when he chose a Korean BBQ Restaurant because they are big on meat and small on
 In case you are unfamiliar with this kind of restaurant - you go to a food table, choose your raw meat, then you take your selection back to your table where cook it on the BBQ plates in the middle of your table..  To a meat lover - this is unreal - the men in our party took it all in their stride and devoured everything they could find..  lol  

 James ordered a cocktail - doesn't this look delicious -
 I think he is very please with himself...
 Not a great photo but I don't often get a photo with this one so I am going to add it anyway..
Happy Birthday James.  Hope you have had a great birthday...Love you heaps..

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Norreen's Birthday Road Trip..

We wouldn't be The Tuesday Girl's if we didn't celebrate a birthday without a tiara and a road trip..  This time it was our lovely Nor's birthday and yes, she got a tiara and a road trip..
First we did the presents - wearing her tiara of course...
 I think she looks rather at home with her tiara on - I think she should wear one more often..
 We headed towards Fifi's Fabricology at the GoldCoast, but first a little refreshments to make sure we had the stamina for some serious shopping..
 Walking around the shop - I have just realised that Miss Teresa is not in any of the photo's as she was taking them..  Next time we will fix this..
 Is that Miss Helen??
We did some shopping and then headed to another destination for lunch - all that shopping is such hard work - we needed more fueling. I don't have any more photo's of today but it was another fabulous day with some of the best girls ever...  Happy Birthday Nor..hope you had a great day..
Love ya heaps..

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sunday Stitcher's

Now because I am behind with my blogging, I am having to go back through all the photo's on my phone to see what each post should be about.   Unfortunately I don't have all the photos I should have for today but I did find these two..
Here is Helen hiding behind her festive Christmas quilt..
 Being my birthday month, it was my turn to receive some very pretty fat quarter's from the girls.  How spoilt was pretty, I can not wait to use them..  Thanks girls...
Catchya later all..

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lucy Boston and a Naughty Goose..

This is one of the Lucy Boston blocks I have been working on lately....
 For the naughty -  I have two geese and for some strange reason, this one decided to fly up ontop of the roof and check out the neighbourhood... lol - I give you the tip - I'm not getting it down..
 Still up there...  lol   It did eventually get itself down and so far has not tried to do this again...
That's all today...cya  xx

An Eggcellent Easter with The Tuesday Girls..

Without any planning - we celebrated Easter today..  Helen hosted todays stitching get-together at her house and she decorated it with all her pretty Easter decorations..  A very eastery table..perfect...

Norreen brought morning tea - yummy Hot Cross Buns and without any of us pre-planning it..perfect
Teresa and myself gave pretty Easter pressies...  perfect...
I don't know how we do it - but it was the "PERFECT" unplanned Easter celebration... so much fun as always... thanks for a great day
I hope you all have a fabulous Easter everyone...

My 50th Birthday - Part 2

My day started with my eldest daughter, Elle, and my youngest grandson, Brayden, dropping in for a quick visit before she went to work.  Elle gave my a beautiful bunch of flowers and some tasty chocolates.. It was so good to see them and their pressies were very welcomed.. Thanks Elle.xx
Hubby then made me a delicious breakfast, for me to have in bed..umm arhhh - crumbs in the bed... I could get used to this kind of treatment..  Thanks Hubby..xx
Wayne and my middle son, James, gave me three red charms for my Pandora Bracelet...they are just perfect, thank you
Youngest daughter gave me a very cuddly snuggle rug and some very delicious smelling creams... 
Thank you
 A bit of left over cake, from yesterdays outing with The Tuesday Girls, for morning tea..thanks again
 My mum and her husband drove down from Hervey Bay to spend my birthday with me and to let me know just how much pain she was in - some 50 years ago - during my  We spent the evening chatting and watching some home movies.. Dinner consisted of nibblies and my birthday choccies..
Thanks for coming down
 Having had such a late night last night, we decided to have our morning coffee in the yard, watching our poultry...   I love watching our geese, they are such curious creatures...always checking out what anyone is doing..
 I'm not sure who is watching who or what she is thinking right this minute..  lol
 On Saturday my mother decided I had to take her up to Mt Tamborine to see the Birchgrove Nursery that I am always mentioning - usually after a trip there with The Tuesday Girls..
So Hubby, Mum, Graham and myself took a drive up there.   They loved it, mum checked out ALL the flowers and Graham checked out all the trinkets..
 The food case was looking mighty fine and we decided to stay for lunch.  I had the chicken and mushroom filo..
 Hubby and I split desert - I was feeling a little full after the filo.  We had the lime and pistachio cheesecake - oh my...yumm...
 Sneaking up on mum taking photos of the flowers..

 Upon our return home, I walked in on this...
 My kids, husband, mother and Graham had planned a surprise party for me.. and I had NO IDEA..
Apparently they had been planning it for ages and had been having secret meetings and phone calls behind my back..  My husband stated that he felt like he was having an affair because that's how guilty he had been feeling by going behind my back to plan the surprise... Elle said she felt so guilty that she had to drop by early on Wednesday to bring me flowers before work and my youngest son's girlfriend said she felt no guilt at all..   I don't know how they pulled it off..I am not trusting any of them  
We had sushi and cheese platters, fruit platters, cake and subway rolls..  oh and Mascato and Blue Lagoons - I think someone kept topping up my glass.. 
I wished I took some photo's for this post but I think I was in a state of shock for most of it..  I did get this photo of my birthday cake..  Michaela knows how much I love her cooking and made my birthday cake - even if she was not feeling guilty about surprising me...  Totally delicious... Thanks Mikka and
Now you may be wondering if I bought anything at Birchgrove Nursery - of course I did... meet my new rose...

 Just too pretty... 
 I took a photo of these because my daughter gave them to me for Christmas and I thought they warranted a photo - matching purple gloves and clippers... too pretty..  thanks Elle..
Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes, I have had a fabulous birthday and have felt the love from all of you.. To my family - I will be suspicious about all your doings from now
 It has been a very tiring and busy week but a great one. 
Love you all..